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Rely on Brimit’s Sitecore consulting services to ensure your strategy and digital platform are well thought out. Get the most out of the #1 digital experience and e-commerce platform

To assist you in transitioning to a digital platform, Brimit will:

  • Help you identify the factors your organization needs to consider when choosing a digital platform
  • Analyze your business and marketing objectives and offer ways to address them using digital experience platforms
  • Help you define your digital strategy and take full advantage of digital experience platforms
  • Determine the resources you’ll need to implement your new digital strategy and work with a digital experience platform afterwards

To assist you in adopting Sitecore, Brimit will:

  • Create a sophisticated plan for your Sitecore development project, including the people and processes required at every stage of your transition to digital experience maturity
  • Define the data you’ll need to collect to enable analytics, personalization, and marketing automation
  • Share some common content personalization techniques
  • Assist in choosing the right hosting, website maintenance plan, migration strategy from a legacy system, and third-party integrations
  • Plan the necessary changes in your business processes after adopting Sitecore to help you get the most out of the platform

To audit your Sitecore implementation, Brimit will:

  • Check your website to make sure you’re up to date on Sitecore best practices and in compliance with industry standards
  • Evaluate your hosting to help you improve your website’s performance and optimize infrastructure costs
  • Assess your website’s performance. If it’s underperforming, we’ll identify the reasons for this and help you eliminate them

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  • Help you set up analytics, content personalization, and marketing automation tools
Our Sitecore platform expertise
Sitecore Experience Platform

Brimit gets the most out of Sitecore Experience Platform and builds powerful solutions for managing personalized content at scale and delivering it across multiple digital channels.

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Sitecore Content Hub

Brimit helps content-driven organizations use Sitecore Content Hub to plan and execute their content strategy.


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Sitecore CDP

Brimit integrates Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize into complex digital experience platforms to create a unified customer database for precise retargeting and personalization.

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Sitecore XM Cloud

Brimit builds composable digital experience platforms with the best-of-bread headless content management System XM Cloud under the hood.

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About Brimit’s Sitecore consultants

Sitecore Gold Certified
As a Sitecore Gold Partner, Brimit adopts the latest technologies and creative ideas to implement successful solutions.
12 Years of Experience
Since 2011, the Brimit team has been at the forefront of the Sitecore platform, taking part in projects and building solutions of various scales.
A Team of Experts
Brimit is a results-driven technology company backed by a team of Sitecore professionals with an impressive number of successful projects under their belt. Four Brimit team members are Sitecore MVPs.

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Alexey Vershalovich
Solution Architect, Sitecore MVP

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