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Brimit is a Salesforce AppExchange development company that provides services to publishers, SaaS vendors, and platform users


For us, being an outsourcer is an opportunity to be at the forefront of technology, and being a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) is a significant feather in our cap. We are proud to attract more users to the world's #1 integrated platform for sales, service, marketing, and commerce by developing apps for AppExchange.


Brimit will build your AppExchange managed package and get it published right away, on the first attempt



You may have an idea for a stand-alone product, or perhaps you want to create an app that extends Salesforce's existing functions or customizes them to accomplish new tasks.

Brimit will help you transform your ideas into a sophisticated plan for a Salesforce app development project.


Brimit will develop an app that carries out your plan and meets all of Salesforce's requirements

We can publish a beta version of your new app to let your colleagues—or even a few select customers—try it out to validate the idea and adjust the app's functionality as necessary.

We will conduct a comprehensive check of your app, deal with all the bugs, and make sure that the app complies with Salesforce’s requirements before releasing it into the marketplace.

Security review

Salesforce holds to high security standards, as they take the integrity of their products and users’ data very seriously. The Salesforce security team ensures that apps don’t allow unauthorized access to the Salesforce platform and checks for code vulnerabilities and compliance with the platform’s standards. It’s important to keep in mind that this process can take several weeks.

Brimit can help you prepare for the review and pass it on the first attempt.


Once your app passes the security review, it’s time to decide on pricing, the terms and conditions of a trial period, and other details of your offer. When this is done, you’re ready to share the app publicly. There are two options for delivering the app to your customers—letting them download it from an AppExchange listing or providing them with a direct download link.

Brimit will assist you in creating a marketplace listing for the app and make sure your customers can start using it ASAP.


Brimit will do any necessary maintenance and provide technical assistance after your app is published.

This process includes updating the app when Salesforce rolls out changes in the platform or when customers request new features. In certain cases, Salesforce requires another security review before releasing updates.

We often get requests from customers to help their users adopt, install, and configure a new app—as well as answer any questions they may have.

About Brimit’s Salesforce experts

Brimit is a results-driven technology company backed by a team of Salesforce-certified administrators, architects, consultants, and developers with an impressive number of successful projects under their belt. Our team has always been at the forefront of the Salesforce platform, building solutions of varying scale and complexity.

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