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Automate Core Business Processes or Gain a Competitive Advantage

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Sitecore integration services for Sitecore users and independent software vendors

Amplify Sitecore to make it your home base for running business processes

Automate sales, marketing, and business processes

Create a personalized journey for your customers, let your team react instantly to sales opportunities, and get an up-to-date view of users in both Sitecore and CRM/ERP systems.

Integration with CRMs and ERPs


Deliver what your customers want every time

Search engines improve the user experience of a Sitecore-based website containing large amounts of content. A custom search engine increases the relevance of search results by taking into account the semantics of site content.

Integration with search engines


Speak your audience’s language

To implement a globalization strategy, translating and localizing content is of utmost importance. Enable your content and marketing team to manage translations on a single digital platform.

Integration with translation engines


Store, manage, and locate your digital assets with ease

Integrating a DAM system into Sitecore helps to manage, transcode, distribute, and repurpose all media files directly from within Sitecore. This type of integration can save users countless hours of extra work.

Integration with DAMs


Extend the e-commerce capabilities of Sitecore

Connecting an OMS will allow you to capture, track, and fill orders across multiple sales channels. Fraud detection tools will help validate a user’s solvency before authorizing a credit card payment. A secure payment gateway is essential for running an e-commerce business.


Integration with order management systems

Integration with payment gateways

Integration with fraud detection tools

Brimit has the necessary experience and tools to carry out an integration project of any scale

Brimit’s Experience Add-in for Sitecore and CRMs

Brimit has a proprietary add-in that seamlessly connects Sitecore with Salesforce and Dynamics 365. We can provide a custom integration with the rest of the CRMs.

Our add-in enables marketing, sales, service, and support teams to get real-time insights and manage the Sitecore contact experience profile in their Salesforce and Dynamics 365 CRM, thereby increasing efficiency and maturing the overall customer experience.

Custom integrations

Connecting the software from your "daily" corporate suite is a key variable for ensuring that your software will provide your business with tangible results. 

Brimit has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create a custom integration plan, and implement it properly.


Brimit’s integration delivery process

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