Sitecore OrderCloud

Support Multiple Business Models with a Single B2X Commerce Platform

Brimit builds future-proof, scalable, secure, experience-led commerce platforms based on Sitecore OrderCloud.

Get a composable commerce platform that will mirror your organizational structure and support your business goals

Brimit can use Sitecore OrderCloud as the foundation of a composable digital commerce experience platform

A B2X commerce platform

Whether you’re selling B2C, B2B, or B2B2X, OrderCloud lets you create platforms for connecting your products, services, and information to a multitude of different types of buyers.

Brimit will build a flexible and scalable commerce platform that goes far beyond the simple shopping experience and can be expanded to diverse business models.

A marketplace

Give your suppliers and buyers stress-free online experience with robust workflow automation, order and transaction management capabilities, e-procurement, and other custom features.

Brimit will create customizable marketplaces to support your unique business needs.

An order management system

OrderCloud is a good fit for businesses that manage complex, high-volume orders and need to take digital commerce beyond basic selling.

Brimit will create a customizable order management system to manage multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, and more, while automating and streamlining complex orders.

OrderCloud: A solution for industries that engage in buying and selling

Businesses in areas such as e-commerce, trade, manufacturing, and distribution can use OrderCloud to configure unique commerce systems.


Create customizable order management systems to manage complex orders, track order status, ensure order accuracy, and perform other related tasks.


Create traditional product catalogs for end users. Gain control over customer operations, configure variation products, and integrate your DXP into other marketplaces.

B2B2C partnerships

Combine B2B and B2C operations within OrderCloud. Create an adjustable structure with catalogs and order management systems for partners and direct-to-consumer distribution channels.

Niche B2B projects

Sitecore OrderCloud can be used to build platforms such as order and content hubs, custom storefronts, order entry systems, or other niche B2B products.

OrderCloud: A platform for all your digital commerce needs

OrderCloud’s architecture creates the perfect base for a composable digital experience platform thanks to its headless and cloud-native architecture, an API-first approach, and world-class security.

Adopt new go-to-market strategies without having to re-platform

Manage multiple digital channels in the same back end when developing new market strategies. Keep your business agile and flexible with a composable platform structure.

Extend your platform to B2C sales with a single catalog and user type

The platform provides flexibility for implementing a variety of e-commerce business models, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2X.

Easily integrate best-of-breed tools

Assemble your platform from independently developed flagship microservices that you select. Replace parts of the software without affecting the rest of the system.

Decrease time to market

Sitecore OrderCloud comprises complex B2B-first, back-end business logic and functionality, allowing you to focus on user experience and expedite implementation of the final platform.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Upgrade your platform quickly and easily thanks to its API-first nature and cloud-based architecture. Focus on adding value instead of time-consuming and costly updates.

Digitize complex order management 

Manage multiple warehouses, stores, and brands through automated order management, bulk order support, shipment tracking, and advanced payment methods.

Go beyond a shopping cart 

Integrate other Sitecore products and third-party tools to create your own digital ecosystem and optimize the customer experience.

Install and manage your platform with ease

Get a platform as a SaaS with cloud-based development and delivery. Sitecore OrderCloud scales automatically as your business grows.

Sitecore products that complement OrderCloud in a composable DXP

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore XP is necessary if a business is looking to create narrative- and experience-led buying journeys that could span beyond a single product catalog. Businesses will get better control of the customer experience, content and search personalization functions, and more.

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Sitecore Customer Data Platform

Sitecore CDP helps to meet the specific needs of each and every client. Businesses can create a persistent, unified customer database to segment customer profiles and return them to their digital resources with the help of email campaigns, mobile messaging, and social media campaigns.

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Sitecore Content Hub

Commerce businesses with constantly changing product content need Content Hub to ensure consistency across catalogs, storefronts, and other digital resources. Content Hub features AI-powered content tagging and image recognition and integrates seamlessly with Sitecore commerce products.

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Sitecore Send

Sitecore Send helps commerce businesses automate campaigns for abandoned carts and personalized product suggestions, which could increase conversion rates and revenue.

Sitecore Discover

Commerce businesses need Sitecore Discover to improve their strategy for making use of commerce-specific data, such as average order size, abandoned cart rate, conversion rate, revenue, and page views. The product also helps to create AI-powered search and product recommendations.

Explore a real-life composable DXP based on OrderCloud

Brimit has created a fully functional composable e-commerce platform for demonstration purposes.

It enables a commerce business to manage three storefronts—a marketplace, a B2C store, and a B2B store—and five suppliers. 

When creating the platform, we applied the principles of MACH architecture, which features independently developed and deployed microservices, APIs, cloud infrastructure, and headless architecture.

Under the hood of our composable commerce platform are five Sitecore products: OrderCloud, Customer Data Platform, Experience Platform, Send, and Content Hub.

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