An Electrical Automation System for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Use

Improve the daily experience of using a lighting and electrical system in a home, commercial building, or production site. Save money on electricity bills and protect and secure your property.

Brimit’s electrical automation system transforms the way you illuminate and power a space by offering unparalleled convenience, energy efficiency, and customization capabilities. The system is composed of a set of programmable devices for managing lighting and electricity with features that are unique on the market. The system can be programmed using a graphical language either on site or remotely. It is autonomous and integrates seamlessly with other smart systems.

The electrical automation system consists of the following modules:

  • Control modules for managing system operations
  • Extension modules that can be connected to circuit devices
  • A set of sensors for detecting changes in the environment
  • Software for programming lighting scenarios remotely or on site

Why it makes sense to install Brimit’s electrical automation system

Features that homeowners and owners of businesses and industrial sites would find useful

Enhanced convenience and comfort

Set up electrification scenarios without limitations, where any switch can control any light source or electric/electronic device in a building.

Implement lighting automation scenarios based on the time of day, sensor signals, and user behavior. For instance, create ambiance with welcome lighting or by adjusting brightness levels automatically.


Optimize the use of electric energy by enabling scheduling and automation: Switch off lights and appliances that don’t need to be on and running.

Advanced reliability

Get a system consisting of devices designed to withstand harsh industrial operating conditions—for example, electromagnetic disturbances.


Connect the system OOTB with other building management software, such as smart home systems.

Remote control and autonomy

Remotely manage electrification scenarios and any electric or electronic device connected to the system. Once the system is set up, it can work autonomously.

Cost-effectiveness and scalability

Installing and replacing our devices won’t break the bank. The system can be customized for spaces of different sizes—from studio apartments to large production sites.

What makes Brimit’s system the right choice in terms of installation and management

Benefits for the electrical engineers or technicians who install and maintain the system

Intuitive programming interface

Thanks to the use of a functional block diagram (FBD) language, it’s easy for users without extensive technical knowledge to program the system.

Remote monitoring and control

Remotely change a control circuit by programming the control module in visual languages and without making changes in the service panel, circuit breaker panel, or circuits.

High signal density and installation flexibility

The system supports a wide range of inputs and outputs, allowing you to control different types of lights, sensors, and switches. Connect up to 42 signals per extension module, making it possible to keep electric panels as compact as possible.

No vendor lock-in

Our devices work with other vendors’ software and hardware according to industry-standard protocols. The system can be integrated OOTB with other building and smart home management software.

High-speed performance

Brimit’s controllers are guaranteed to respond to actions within the specified time frame, regardless of the number of modules used in the system.

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Head of IoT department

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