IoT Data Management

Get a Comprehensive IoT Framework for Managing Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

Brimit will set up a layer between IoT devices that generate data and the applications that use it and ensure the data is consistent, secure, and highly available.

Data storage and processing

Brimit creates systems for processing, storing, and structuring raw data collected from connected devices.

Solution architecture

Brimit will develop a scalable application architecture that processes and stores data securely.

IoT services and platforms

The Brimit team will help you choose a cloud service that meets your product’s needs and is backed by a leading provider such as Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Data storage

Brimit experts will help you adopt the right approach and set up a service for collecting, processing, aggregating, and storing metric data.

Data analysis using machine learning and computer vision algorithms

Our team will help you find the right services for data analysis and computer vision. In-depth analysis of data received from sensors will help you easily identify trends. Computer vision algorithms will automate and streamline many tasks that would otherwise require manual work.

Custom services

Our team will address your company's unique needs and develop a custom on-premise or cloud solution that features a comprehensive microservices architecture.

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