IoT Hardware Design

Design, Prototype, and Start Producing IoT Hardware

Brimit will help you create a product that features IoT technologies, no matter where you are in the process. We can design a device from scratch or help you refine an existing design or product. Then, we’ll arrange for production and help you manage the entire process.

Circuit board layout

Brimit’s engineers will design a circuit board, install the components on the board, and connect them using conductive traces.

Our solutions are built according to industry best practices, which emphasize the need for compact installation, high performance, and safety. Brimit’s team has extensive experience in designing boards that meet customer requirements and keep production costs reasonable.

Schematic design

The schema provides a clear and concise definition of how various device components are connected and how they work together.

Besides being able to carry out the assigned task, the final product needs to be cost-effective and comply with the certification requirements of the industry it is produced for. Our team is well-versed in the electronic components market and production processes and will help design a product that meets these requirements.

IoT firmware

We will develop software that runs on the IoT device and enables it to collect, analyze, and transmit data. Our engineers can develop two types of firmware: real-time and Linux-based operating systems.


Our in-house production line ensures fast prototyping and assembly of devices in small batches to meet the needs of a business aiming to run a product pilot.

Production assistance

Taking the next step into production has multiple potential pitfalls. We learned this the hard way when organizing the production of our own IoT devices. We can help you avoid these issues as you transition to production.

  • Our engineers can review your hardware design and adjust it if necessary to eliminate any issues that arise in production.
  • We’ll prepare the necessary documentation and prepare your product for manufacturing.
  • We’ll connect you with electronics manufacturers you can trust to build a superior product.

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