Providing a Home Electrification Company with an Electrical Automation System

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The customer

The customer is a home electrification company that installs electrical wiring in residential, public, and industrial buildings. The company had a contract with a real-estate developer to equip private houses with a system for the control of lighting and electrical appliances. The electricity control was planned to be integrated with a smart home system.

Brimit's solution

To control any light source or electric/electronic device in a building, we enabled the customer with Brimit’s electrical automation system. The system is composed of a set of programmable devices for managing lighting and electricity. It is autonomous and integrates seamlessly with other smart systems.

Our solution consists of the following modules:

  • Control modules for managing system operations
  • Extension modules that can be connected to circuit devices
  • A set of sensors for detecting changes in the environment
  • Software for programming lighting scenarios remotely or on-site

The system can be programmed using a graphical language either on-site or remotely. A control circuit can be changed remotely by programming the control module in visual languages without changing the service panel, circuit breaker panel, or circuits.

Thanks to using a functional block diagram (FBD) language, it’s easy for users without extensive technical knowledge to program the system. The end-users can realize various lighting automation scenarios, based on the time of day, sensor signals, and users’ routines. For instance, you can create an ambiance with welcome lighting or by adjusting brightness levels automatically.

Brimit’s system can be applied for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. Its installation allows building owners and residents to save money on electricity bills, as well as protect and secure their property.

The benefits of Brimit’s electrical automation system

  • Economy. The use of electric energy can be optimized by enabling scheduling and automation: you can switch off lights and appliances that don’t need to be on and running.
  • Remote control and autonomy. Once the system is set up, it can work autonomously. The users can remotely manage electrification scenarios and any electric or electronic device connected to the system.
  • Enhanced convenience and comfort. Electrification scenarios can be set up without limitations. Any switch can control any light source or electric/electronic device in a building. 
  • Advanced reliability. Our system is designed to withstand harsh industrial operating conditions, such as electromagnetic disturbances.
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability. The system can be customized for spaces of different sizes—from studio apartments to large production sites. Installing and replacing the devices won’t break the bank. 
  • Connectivity. The system can be connected OOTB with other building management software, such as smart home systems.
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