An Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

Breathe safely with Brimit’s IoT air quality monitoring system—a cost-effective, scalable, and high-performing hardware and software solution that enables building owners to monitor air quality and react to parameters automatically.

Brimit’s indoor air quality monitoring system comprises a set of devices for monitoring a variety of crucial parameters. The system can be integrated seamlessly with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Air quality matters
Air pollution knows no borders. Whether you live in Madrid, Dubai, or Marrakesh, indoor air pollution affects us all. Poor indoor air quality is proven to be harmful to health. It affects people’s well-being and work performance and increases discomfort. Improving indoor air quality can have multiple positive effects—from the health of tenants to the comfort of clients and guests—and can result in higher employee productivity.

Brimit's state-of-the-art air quality monitoring system

The system helps you create a safe living or working environment and take care of family, clients, guests, or colleagues.

Important air quality parameters

Our devices are equipped with reliable sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, and air pressure, as well as CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), PM2.5, PM10, and cigarette smoke levels.

The system can be equipped with more types of sensors on demand.


Besides reading data and sharing it with HVAC systems, our devices display information about air quality and any additional messages on a built-in e-ink display. The device also comes with the option to turn on audible alerts if necessary.

Features a property management team would love

Besides effectively monitoring air quality parameters, the system offers valuable features for engineers or technicians who install and maintain air control and HVAC systems.

Cost-effectiveness and scalability

Installing and replacing our devices won’t break the bank. The system can be customized for spaces of different sizes—from studio apartments to large production sites.


Connect the system OOTB with other building management systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or smart home management software.

No vendor lock-in

Our devices work with other vendors’ software and hardware according to industry-standard protocols.

Flexible installation

Most of our devices feature both corded and cordless power supply, which greatly simplifies installation. If the interior of a building is finished, a battery-powered option can be used to preserve the interior.

It’s worth noting that there are no cordless options for certain sensors—such as those that monitor CO2—due to their high power consumption.

The battery in some cordless devices can work for up to two years.

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Head of IoT department

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