Distributed Control Systems for Factories and Plants, Connected Assets, and Fleets of Automobiles

Brimit’s distributed control system helps businesses increase the cost-effectiveness and reliability of industrial processes and make them safer. Our IoT solutions feature advanced reliability, low latency, the ability to cover large territories, and flexible configuration.

Brimit’s distributed control system (DCS)

Brimit’s custom solution for distributed control is a combination of a set of programmable devices and a team of expert engineers.


The DCS consists of the following modules:

  • Control modules for managing how the system works
  • Extension modules that can be connected to machines and devices
  • A set of sensors for detecting changes in the environment
  • Software for programming the DCS remotely or on site


The system is designed and set up by a team of hardware and software engineers who are experts in electronics hardware design, back-end services and data management, and end-user interface development.

Brimit is an end-to-end IoT solution provider that helps you maximize the potential of the most recent technological advancements and align them with your business strategy.

Areas that could benefit from setting up a DCS

Brimit offers over 10 types of control devices, including control and extension modules. Combining various types of control and extension modules makes it possible to gather data and manage hardware, a fleet of automobiles, etc.

Industrial equipment automation and control

Automate industrial equipment used in continuous and batch processes while reducing the risk to people and the environment.

Our DCSs can be used in various configurations in agriculture, chemical plants, petrochemical refineries, nuclear power plants, water and sewage treatment plants, and food processing, as well as in different types of manufacturing.

Vehicle monitoring and control

Locate, manage, and gather data about a fleet of automobiles, as well as their payload.

What makes Brimit’s DCS the right choice in terms of installation and management

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