IoT Application Development

Get an Intuitive, High-Performing IoT Application

Brimit will create user-centric applications that get the most out of your IoT product’s hardware and data management processes.

IoT application

Brimit designs and develops web portals, mobile apps, and custom user interfaces as part of IoT solutions.

Dashboards for visualizing data from connected devices

Brimit will equip you with tools that help you analyze and use the data you collect—like Grafana, Kibana, Redash, Open MCT, and other powerful dashboards and graph composers.

Mobile applications (Android, iOS)

Our team will build a mobile app for your IoT product that will feature a well-thought-out user interface for monitoring and managing connected devices.

Custom web interface

Brimit’s engineers can use frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular to create a web interface that helps you get the most out of your IoT product.

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Alexey Hodakovsky
Head of IoT department

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