Sitecore XM Cloud

Maximize Customer Experience with a Next-Gen Content Management System

Brimit builds composable digital experience platforms with the best-of-breed headless content management system Sitecore XM Cloud under the hood

Create scroll-stopping content in your digital experience platform

Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud (XM Cloud) is a headless modern CMS that empowers organizations to create, manage, and deliver a relevant and appealing digital experience.

Fits perfectly in a composable digital experience platform

Sitecore XM Cloud is an open, extensible content management platform that offers user-friendly integration and supports a variety of different systems, plug-ins, extensions, and modules.

Unleashes the potential of headless architecture

Sitecore XM’s headless architecture makes software development faster and easier. It is designed to provide an omnichannel customer experience and won’t ever become a legacy system.

Helps your commerce platform sell experiences, not products

Commerce businesses need Sitecore XP to create narrative- and experience-led buying journeys that span beyond a single product catalog. Businesses will gain better control of the customer experience, content and search personalization functions, and more.

Enhances user experience

Sitecore XM Cloud's headless architecture gives you lightning-fast page loads and optimizes your content for Google.

The end-to-end Sitecore solution—getting the digital experience right

Brimit can use Sitecore XM Cloud as one of the key components of a composable digital experience platform. Here are a few Sitecore products XM Cloud can complement to maximize customer experience.


Content Hub
By connecting XM Cloud to Content Hub, you can work with content created in Sitecore Content Hub right in Sitecore XM Cloud. Content is automatically created and updated in XM Cloud when changes are made in Content Hub. Similarly, you can browse, search for, and insert digital assets stored in Content Hub without leaving XM Cloud.


Customer Data Platform

Sitecore CDP helps businesses meet the specific needs of each and every client. You can create a persistent, unified customer database that allows you to run automated marketing campaigns via email, mobile messaging, and social media.

Sitecore Personalize

Sitecore Personalize allows businesses to react to customer behavior in real time with relevant content across various channels. Commerce businesses need Sitecore Personalize to ensure 1:1 customer engagement.

Sitecore Search and Discover

Commerce businesses need Sitecore Search and Discover to improve their strategy for leveraging commerce-specific data such as average order size, abandoned cart rate, conversion rate, revenue, and page views. The product also helps create AI-powered search and product recommendations.



Sitecore OrderCloud provides a foundation and tools for building a B2X e-commerce solution, a marketplace, or an order management application.

Today, OrderCloud is one of the leading products for creating a composable commerce platform that mirrors your organizational structure and supports your business goals.

Sitecore Send

Sitecore Send helps commerce businesses automate abandoned cart campaigns and personalized product suggestions to increase conversion rates.

Explore a real-life composable DXP with XM Cloud and OrderCloud

Brimit has created a fully functional composable e-commerce platform for demonstration purposes.

Under the hood of our composable commerce platform are five Sitecore products: OrderCloud, XM Cloud, Customer Data Platform, Send, and Content Hub.
The platform enables a commerce business to manage three storefronts—a marketplace, a B2C store, and a B2B store—and five suppliers.

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