Digitizing a Sales Process for a Clinical Equipment Provider

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The customer

With 28 years of experience in the Middle Eastern market, Imdad is a provider of cutting-edge clinical equipment for aesthetic medicine. The company has 16 offices in 8 countries in the region and serves 2,500 clinics. Imdad can boast of installing 5,000 devices at clinical facilities that have provided quality treatment for over 20,000 patients daily.
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The problem: A lack of digital sales channels

The sales process at Imdad was primarily offline. On average, it took the company’s sales representatives numerous personal visits and almost 6 months to close a deal with a clinic. This was time-, effort-, and cost-inefficient.

Partnering with Brimit, Imdad aimed to digitize the sales process and achieve smart resource allocation by developing a website that would address the needs of its customers at various stages of their journey.

The challenges

In the course of the project, Brimit’s team had to resolve the following issues:

  • It was important to work out a comprehensive marketing strategy that would ensure both a highly personalized user experience and lead generation.
  • The solution had to comply with the different legislation restrictions and market characteristics of the 8 countries where Imdad operates.

The solution

First, Brimit held a workshop with the customer to work out a digital strategy that takes into account all the business and cultural peculiarities of the Middle Eastern market. It was decided that a Sitecore-based website would be the best way to implement the strategy they developed. This approach incorporates the delivered content (product overview videos, before/after photos, webinars, etc.), useful sales instruments (an ROI calculator, market saturation maps, customer reviews, etc.), and user journey on the website.

To ensure the content did not violate local legislative restrictions, its presentation was personalized for each country in the region. Using Sitecore IP Geolocation, our developers enabled the identification of the country a user was browsing the website from. If the geolocation could not be tracked, the user was asked to choose a country from a list to continue the journey on the website.

With Sitecore Path Analyser, Imdad is now able to get additional insights about a user's journey on the website and analyze his or her behavior. Furthermore, our experts helped to enable lead nurturing through Sitecore Marketing Automation. As a result, a user now gets follow-up e-mails with personalized calls to action until he or she can be converted into a lead.

The team at Brimit also integrated the website with the Salesforce Sales Cloud to build a 360 customer view. In addition, this helped to deliver personalized content based on the user’s Salesforce profile (read more in our article). Finally, integration with the GoToWebinar service was provided to deliver webinar content.
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The results

With the help of the experts at Brimit, Imdad was able to digitize its sales process, significantly reducing the time, effort, and costs previously associated with offline activities. With advanced personalization and a lead-nurturing strategy, the company enjoyed an initial increase in lead generation by 6.8%, in traffic (including advertisements) by 50%, in unique users by 30%, in returning visitors by 58%, and in average time spent on the website by 14.7%. Imdad’s website complies with the legislation restrictions of the region and also takes into account the business and cultural peculiarities of the market.

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