Sitecore CDP

Optimize and Nurture Your Digital Experience Platform with Sitecore’s Customer Data Platform

Brimit integrates Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize into complex digital experience platforms to create a unified customer database for precise retargeting and personalization

Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize help organizations understand their audience better and fine-tune their marketing

Sitecore CDP detects when customers are online, tracks their real-time behavior on web, mobile, and email channels, and immediately activates predictive models.
Sitecore CDP links data obtained in real time to data from customer databases, datamarts, and CRMs, and other second- and third-party data.
Sitecore CDP segments audiences according to common customer behaviors, characteristics, and transactions.
Sitecore CDP scores customers based on criteria such as the potential best time for interacting, the likelihood of a positive response or making a purchase, and customer lifetime value.
Sitecore CDP protects customers’ sensitive information.
Sitecore Personalize customizes content for every client interaction, orchestrates the best next actions in real time, and optimizes personalization scenarios based on testing.

Sitecore CDP helps optimize and nurture your digital experience platform

Brimit integrates Sitecore CDP and Personalize into complex digital experience platforms based on Sitecore products and third-party systems. Here are a few Sitecore products that CDP and Personalize complement to create more personalized experiences and produce actionable insights.


Sitecore OrderCloud is a headless, cloud-native, composable commerce platform with endless options for scaling. When paired with OrderCloud, Sitecore CDP helps commerce businesses create a unified customer database for use in marketing campaigns and messaging, thus increasing customer loyalty.

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Sitecore Experience Platform
Integrating Sitecore CDP into Experience Platform will help businesses unify customer data and personalize digital experiences across multiple channels. 

Explore a real-life composable DXP with Sitecore CDP and OrderCloud

Brimit has created a fully functional composable e-commerce platform for demonstration purposes.

Under the hood of our composable commerce platform are five Sitecore products: Customer Data Platform, OrderCloud, Experience Platform, Send, and Content Hub.
The platform enables a commerce business to manage three storefronts—a marketplace, a B2C store, and a B2B store—and five suppliers.

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