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Make Sales Cloud a Source of Data-Driven Decisions in Your Sales Operations

Brimit will help you sell faster and smarter with Salesforce Sales Cloud—tailored to your needs

Sales Cloud helps you create opportunities and generate revenue

Sales Automation

Sales Cloud provides clear answers about how effective your sales process is. It helps you increase your sales reps’ productivity by automating daily tasks with workflows.

Opportunity Management
Sales Cloud lets you track sales opportunities efficiently and expedite the sales process thanks to an advanced customer activity timeline.
Forecast Management
With Sales Cloud, you can assess your chances of winning a project using machine learning, evaluate a sales pipeline state, and make data-driven decisions.
Sales Process Personalization
Sales Cloud enables you to customize sales processes to match the unique needs of both your team and your customers.

We help you drive business growth with Sales Cloud

Implementation and customization

We’ll help you get started with Sales Cloud if you've never used a CRM before. Or if you're looking to switch from your current CRM to Sales Cloud, we can help with that too.

We’ll create custom data entities in Sales Cloud that are specific to your organization.

Business process automation

Salesforce offers automation capabilities for the entire sales process—from prospecting to closure and post-sales follow-ups.

We’ll help you set up automation using built-in tools and custom functionality.

UI enhancement

We’ll develop reusable, complex visual elements and apps to improve the user experience.

We’ll create flexible and responsive reports and dashboards.

We can convert Aura-based components to LWC to improve performance.

App configuration

Brimit’s Salesforce team can install an AppExchange app in your Sales Cloud and configure it for your particular environment and users.

The most essential apps are used for document management and electronic signatures, document generation, form management, providing external identities, and file storage.

Addressing complex business scenarios with custom integrations

For example, a website featuring integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it possible for a company to manage most of its business processes on a single platform using the Salesforce Lightning experience.

Brimit has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create an integration plan, and implement it properly.

About Brimit’s Salesforce Sales Cloud consultants

Brimit is a results-driven technology company backed by a team of Salesforce-certified administrators, architects, and developers with an impressive number of successful projects under their belt. Our team has always been at the forefront of the Salesforce platform, building solutions of varying scales and complexity.

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