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Launch E-Shops Sooner, Grow Faster, and Reach More Customers with Commerce Cloud

Brimit is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting company that helps you launch e-commerce websites, integrate them, and tailor them to your needs.

Brimit uses Commerce Cloud to create beautifully branded, unified buying experiences across all channels—mobile, social, web, and offline.

We’ll create a sophisticated e-commerce website

Brimit will create a multilingual e-shop based on the leading e-commerce platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We’ll help you transition smoothly to Commerce Cloud, whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating from an existing e-commerce system.

B2B Commerce

We’ll create an e-commerce system tailored to B2B customers to manage complex orders, track order status, ensure order accuracy, and perform other related tasks. Integrate it with all the important systems for selling to business customers.

Our team will also migrate your store from B2B Commerce Classic (Cloudcraze) to B2B Commerce Lightning, which features higher performance and enables companies to create more functional user interfaces for their e-commerce websites.

B2C Commerce

Brimit will help you convert more users into customers by creating a multi-channel online shopping experience. We’ll set up B2C Commerce Cloud, customize it, and integrate it with all the important systems for selling online.

Brimit’s Salesforce team will also migrate your store from SiteGenesis to modern frameworks. For example, migration to Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) will improve the overall quality of the system and make it easier to maintain. Migration to headless (Mobify) will give you some flexibilty in choosing a programming language for the front end.

We’ll integrate your Commerce Cloud and address complex business scenarios

Connecting Commerce Cloud to order management systems, ERPs, customer service systems, marketing automation tools, and other Salesforce clouds is a key variable in ensuring that your software provides your business with tangible results.

Brimit has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create an integration plan, and implement it properly. When needed, we’ll use reliable middleware that fits Salesforce perfectly.

We’ll audit and improve your Commerce Cloud

Brimit is a team of consultants with an impressive number of successful projects in its portfolio. You can rely on our experience if you need someone to audit your Commerce Cloud. To help you restart or fine-tune Salesforce, Brimit will:

  • Check your Commerce Cloud to make sure you’re up to date on best practices and in compliance with industry standards
  • Verify that you are utilizing all the features included in your Commerce Cloud subscription and suggest how to take advantage of any features not being used
  • Address any “technical debt”—fix errors, refactor code, etc.
  • Update Salesforce automation tools
  • Organize and conduct quality assurance procedures
  • Provide technical support for your team

We’ll be your Commerce Cloud administration and support team

Brimit’s Salesforce administrators will become your trusted advisors on all things Salesforce and a vital bridge between business and technology. We’ll help you organize and manage your Commerce Cloud, including core business items such as products, catalogs, product variations, product media files, localization, pricing, etc.

Choosing Brimit to administrate your Commerce Cloud means you’ll also have a team of software engineers who can customize your Salesforce in case an administrative task can’t be accomplished with out-of-the-box functions.

About Brimit’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants

Brimit is a results-driven technology company backed by a team of Salesforce-certified administrators, architects, and developers with an impressive number of successful projects under their belt. Our team has always been at the forefront of the Salesforce platform, building solutions of varying scales and complexity.

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Slava Pautaran
Salesforce Practice Lead, Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

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