Integrating a Lead Scoring App with Salesforce and Building an AppExchange Package

Business Category

The customer

Altum Analytics—an Irish startup—provides a lead scoring tool for salespeople. Altum Analytics's product applies machine learning algorithms to customer relationship management and makes it a data-driven process.

The need

Recognizing Salesforce’s popularity for sales and customer relations, the startup wanted to provide account-based intelligence that would work natively on the platform. To score accounts, the tool needed to be integrated with Salesforce and displayed in the Salesforce UI. The final product was to be published on AppExchange.

The solution

Brimit’s team developed an add-on based on Altum’s external REST web service. The add-on is Salesforce-native and can be installed on Sales Cloud. For current accounts and prospective clients, we added record scoring and activity timeline components that show a combined view of Salesforce activities and custom events from Altum’s external system. Our team also provided executive summary and analytics dashboard components to predict the total revenue generated by a business from the active contacts in a given month.

The results

Brimit helped Altum Analytics make their AI-based lead scoring product available in Sales Cloud. The integration helps Salesforce users understand how close each lead is to an ideal customer profile, prioritize the work of sales representatives, and increase revenue by concentrating efforts on the most valuable leads.

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