Internet of Things

Transform Your Business with the Internet of Things

Brimit is a team of talented engineers with experience across dozens of domains that provides development services at all layers of an IoT product—from hardware to user interfaces

Custom IoT solutions across industries

Brimit helps companies from various domains implement IoT projects of any scale. We have the tools and experience to offer hardware design and manufacturing, data management, user interface development, and full-cycle IoT product development.

Industrial IoT

Brimit creates custom solutions for industrial equipment automation and vehicle monitoring. We will help you automate industrial equipment used in continuous and batch processes while reducing the risk to people and the environment. We will help you create a product to locate and manage a fleet of automobiles and gather data about the fleet and the payload.

Connected equipment

Brimit helps businesses seeking to employ remote control and sophisticated analytics to modernize their businesses by “connecting” their equipment.

Smart buildings

Brimit helps property owners improve the daily experience of using lighting, electrical, HVAC, and security systems in a home, in a commercial building, or at a production site.

IoT development services

IoT Consulting

Whether you're just beginning your IoT journey or have been on it for a while, our IoT engineering team is ready to help you maximize the potential of the most recent technological advancements and align them with your business strategy.

Rely on Brimit’s IoT consulting services to:

  • Understand IoT technologies better
  • Explore potential relevant use cases
  • Build a robust implementation strategy


Our team can help organizations reduce operational costs, improve their work environment, streamline business processes, and enhance products and services.

IoT hardware design

Brimit will help you create a product that features IoT technologies, no matter where you are in the process. We can design a device from scratch or help you refine an existing design or product. Then, we’ll arrange for production and help you manage the entire process.

IoT firmware development

Brimit’s team will also develop software that runs on the IoT device and enables it to perform the necessary functions.

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Data management

Brimit creates systems for processing, storing, and structuring raw data collected from a connected device. We will help you adopt a scalable application architecture, an IoT platform, and products for storing and analyzing data.

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End user interface development

Brimit will develop user-centric and secure interfaces that help maximize the benefits of an IoT product's hardware and data management processes. Brimit will also equip you with tools that help you analyze and use data and develop mobile applications and custom web interfaces.

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