Helping a Dairy Company Detect Carrier Fraud with Logistics and Storage Tracking

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The customer

The customer is a dairy company that delivers its products to retailers in the country of the company’s origin and exports the products abroad. While delivering the products, the company encountered two main issues:

  1. Some products had reached the retail stores in a tainted condition. It turned out that the problem arose at the logistics stage because the products were not kept at the proper temperature while en route to their destination.
  2. Some products were disappearing from refrigerators at the export stage.

Since the company uses third-party carriers as well as its own logistics department, it was impossible to equip the vehicles with conventional trackers. Nevertheless, the customer wanted to continuously monitor the transportation conditions while the product was en route from the warehouse to the point of sale and at the export stage.

Brimit's tracking solution

Brimit has developed and manufactured a tracking solution with temperature and air humidity sensors, based on Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) communication technology. The sensors are battery-operated and can be easily mounted inside the truck transporting the product as well as on a transport pallet. The NB-IoT signal has a high penetration feature, which means it can pass through obstacles that ordinary signals can’t.

NB-IoT’s localization methods allow the user to locate the device with an accuracy of up to 100 meters, which is enough to track the location of a vehicle and eliminates the need for GPS sensors.

NB-IoT-enabled devices can have up to five years of battery life while transmitting approximately 200 bytes twice a day.

Monitoring transporting conditions

With NB-IoT communication technology, our devices work throughout the country, continuously monitoring temperature and humidity inside refrigerators. This data is sent to the customer’s software system. If proper transport conditions are not met, the customer can respond promptly and prevent products from spoiling.

The sensors can also be installed in warehouses to monitor storage conditions.

Case Study: NB-IoT Solution Detecting Carrier Fraud for Logistics and Storage Tracking

Preventing theft

Brimit also equipped the devices with light sensors, accelerometers, and magnetic sensors, thus making it possible to track the opening and closing of refrigerator doors and detect potential carrier fraud. If the roaming service is activated, the customer can choose to be notified when the doors open so that they can immediately reach out to the carrier if necessary.

Benefits of Brimit's solution

  • Autonomy and energy efficiency—The sensors are battery-powered and work for up to five years without having to replace the battery.
  • Extended coverage range—Thanks to the use of NB-IoT, our devices work in areas where 3G and 4G service is not available.
  • Continuous work—The sensors provide 24/7 monitoring without any additional support.
  • No vendor lock-in—Our devices work with other vendors’ software according to industry-standard protocols.
  • High-speed performance—Brimit’s sensors are guaranteed to respond to actions within the specified time frame.
  • Cost-effectiveness—Brimit’s transportation tracking solution allows companies to locate shipments and eliminates the need for GPS sensors.
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