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Mature Your Customer Journey with Sitecore

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Brimit creates memorable user experiences based on the industry-leading digital experience platform

Our approach

Assessment and digital strategy

We'll analyze your current system and business needs and then offer ways of addressing them.

Sitecore technical audit and tuning

Brimit will conduct a comprehensive audit to determine priorities and next steps for improving your existing Sitecore website.

Sitecore website development

Brimit will deliver an innovative and sophisticated website capable of managing large amounts of content.

Marketing automation and personalization

Brimit connects CRM, e-mail, sales lead tracking systems, and internal systems for boosting sales and gaining better insights into customer preferences.

Sitecore integration with third-party systems

Brimit links Sitecore with vital tools, CRM, custom search engines, digital asset and order management systems, etc.

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Sitecore upgrade and support

Brimit helps to upgrade to Sitecore 9 quickly and smoothly. We also provide ongoing site maintenance to keep it operating smoothly, allowing you to focus your internal resources on more important projects.

Brimit delivers professional Sitecore websites for various businesses

Content-driven businesses

  • Receive a comprehensive set of content management tools
  • Improve online conversions through marketing automation
  • Enhance customer engagement through personalization
  • Connect sales, marketing, partners, and support teams

Sitecore partners

  • Speed up time to market for customer projects
  • Rescue project delivery
  • Reinforce their Sitecore teams with certified engineers
  • Upgrade the skills of their in-house teams

Digital agencies

  • Access a team of certified Sitecore engineers
  • Consult with Sitecore marketing automation experts

“At Brimit we’ve found some very skilled people with the proper professional qualifications and the willingness to follow technical requirements. We would definitely recommend Brimit for software development projects.”

Mimmo Garibbo
Mimmo Garibbo
Director of GM Servizi Srl, Sitecore Gold Solution Partner
Tools we use

Sitecore Experience Platform

A multisite, multilingual content management system allowing users to create content, personalize it and display it across channels.

What we do with Experience Platform

Sitecore Experience Commerce

A platform for managing inventory and personalizing end-to-end shopping experience—before, during, and after the transaction.

Sitecore Content Hub

Content Hub enables Sitecore users to manage digital assets, media, product data, and the entire content lifecycle in one place. It features AI-powered content tagging and image recognition, integrates seamlessly with Sitecore CMS and commerce solutions.

What we do with Content Hub

Sitecore Cortex

A marketing toolset that can leverage AI and machine learning to turn large amounts of data into actionable insights.

Consult an expert

Alexei Vershalovich
Alexey Vershalovich
Solution Architect, Sitecore Strategy MVP

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