ABBYY Improves Website Performance with Sitecore Headless

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Switching towards Headless

According to Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 61% of global B2B marketing decision-makers plan to increase their budget spending on CMSes. Many companies nowadays express a growing need for a CMS that effortlessly combines data from diverse sources and delivers it across various digital channels. Therefore, migration to a headless CMS is considered a best practice for providing an omnichannel experience.

The switch to a headless CMS has several benefits for businesses, including:

  • Better time to market
  • A lightning-fast website
  • Multiple formats for displaying content
  • Flexibility and scalability

A typical headless CMS is much lighter and more affordable than an enterprise web platform. You can always make the move to an enterprise-level platform later, which will be no problem if it supports the headless approach.

Companies with a strategic vision for development have already started substituting their old CMSes for new solutions that ensure faster omnichannel experiences. In this case study, we would like to share the story of a company that turned to Brimit to help them start using a Sitecore-based headless CMS.

The customer's choice

ABBYY is a global intelligent automation company that provides purpose-built AI for intelligent document processing and process intelligence solutions. ABBYY leverages its expertise in artificial intelligence, OCR, machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to generate real business value for thousands of enterprises in every industry, for any ad hoc process, and for any document in any language. The company has been repeatedly recognized as a leader in intelligent document processing, process mining, and task mining.

ABBYY focuses on delivering digital transformation and innovation while adhering to best practices when it comes to managing its own digital resources as well. The company has always acknowledged the importance of investing in maintaining digital assets.

The customer’s mature multipage business website ran on Umbraco. Realizing that going headless is the right way to organize and secure website infrastructure, ABBYY bought the Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard license and hired Brimit to migrate the content from the old website.

Lightning-fast implementation for a lightning-fast website

In just three months, Brimit’s team created a new business website in Sitecore Managed Cloud with all the necessary components and visuals, migrated around 3000 pages of content there, and deployed it to App Services using Azure Pipelines. We also set up about 6000 redirects and analytics and implemented search functionality based on Solr and its integration with HubSpot forms.

Solr is the default search engine on all Sitecore sites. Although it requires additional knowledge and effort to speed up back-end search functionality, Solr can help you do this by replacing time-consuming operations with automatic indexing.

A valuable difference

When the new website for ABBYY was deployed, we compared its performance with the performance of the old one. As you can see, several key website metrics were improved.

ABBYY Improves Website Performance with Sitecore Headless
The new website is organized, informative, and available in four languages. After its launch, we moved to the next stage—creating a digital asset marketplace.
ABBYY Improves Website Performance with Sitecore Headless

Give it a try

A headless CMS will allow you to build fast, robust web applications with the latest technologies. You will be able to organize and manage complex data structures without compromising on speed and visual appeal in different formats. Going headless will help you take conversations with your online customers to the next level.

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