Salesforce B2B Commerce

Get a Comprehensive B2B Portal That Will Help You Optimize Costs and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Brimit will implement and customize Salesforce B2B Commerce, help you optimize costs, and give your company a competitive advantage by addressing the demand for predictability, reliability, and personalization when ordering online.

B2B Commerce in 2023

These days, leading brands are shifting away from using homegrown, outdated B2B storefronts and customer portals, and especially offline ordering. Organizations find it hard to maintain and manage legacy systems, while business buyers desire a predictable, reliable, and seamless process for ordering online.

Meet your customers’ needs
Customers need to know if the items they need are in stock, how long it will take for them to be delivered, and the exact cost. Quotes need to be prepared quickly.
Customers expect a B2C-like shopping experience—intuitive, quick, and error-prone.
Business buyers want the online ordering process to be personalized just like regular e-commerce customers do. Personalization is no longer an advantage but a commodity.
Meet your team’s needs
Your employees would love to spend less time on a single order, perform fewer actions, and have a 360-degree view of every order.
Your team members would prefer not to switch between multiple systems—for example, between an email client, a CRM system, and a storefront. This is time-consuming and can lead to errors.
Maintaining an inventory in a storefront that uses outdated technology is a daunting task for your team.
Optimize costs and increase revenue
More orders won’t equal spending more on infrastructure or human resources.
You can decrease the size of your order management team.
Launching sales in a new region doesn’t have to involve a new separate storefront or customer portal.

Rely on Brimit’s expertise in building comprehensive portals with Salesforce B2B Commerce

Brimit has the necessary tools and experience to create a powerful commerce tool kit to optimize every stage of the funnel. Our B2B commerce solutions feature:

A B2C-like user interface for business buyers

Provide your customers with a sophisticated user interface with all the B2B functionality they need. We know how to make the most of Salesforce’s Lightning interface and overcome its limitations.

Seamless integration

Integrating various systems will help you make use of data in multiple systems. We are experts in integrating third-party software with Salesforce.

Effective inventory management

Your B2B portal will feature an easy way to track items stored, restock items, transfer items between locations, track consumption, etc.

Correct implementation from the very first attempt

To create an effective solution, we thoroughly analyze business needs, plan the solution architecture, and then implement it.

Why Salesforce B2B Commerce is your best bet if you already use other Salesforce products

For companies already using Salesforce products such as Sales or Marketing Cloud, B2B Commerce Cloud gives a jump start toward effective B2B sales since it's native to the Salesforce platform. Adding B2B Commerce to your Salesforce software suite provides a number of benefits:

A single system will be used to manage quotes, orders, shipping, and payments. Actually, you may already have all the necessary data in your CRM and just need to start using it in Commerce.
You’ll be able to generate reports for your most vital sources—customer data, the B2B portal, etc.—all in one system.
You’ll have access to a wealth of different AppExchange apps and add-ons to extend the functionality of the portal when needed.

About Brimit’s Salesforce B2B Commerce consultants

Brimit is a results-driven technology company backed by a team of Salesforce-certified administrators, architects, and developers with an impressive number of successful projects under their belt. Our team has always been at the forefront of the Salesforce platform, building solutions of varying scales and complexity.

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