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Areas to check

General review

We’ll make sure you’re up to date on best practices and in compliance with industry standards.

Subscription utilization review

We’ll verify that you are utilizing all the features included in your Salesforce subscription. Next, we’ll suggest some scenarios for taking advantage of any features not being used.

Code review

We’ll create a “technical debt” summary—i.e., a list of areas where you need to fix errors, refactor code, etc.

Salesforce automation tools review

Salesforce automation fuels productivity and team collaboration, saves time, and reduces errors. Brimit will make sure your automation tools are up to date and that you’re maximizing the benefit of the most effective tools.

UI enhancement capabilities review

There’s an incredibly high ROI on Salesforce UI customizations. Brimit will analyze where design and navigation can be improved to help you see better user adoption.
*Up to 10 man-hours are included in the free offer. Before completing the audit, our team will analyze your needs and estimate the scope of work.

The process


Brimit will indeed check your Salesforce for free

About Brimit’s Salesforce consultants


Brimit is a results-driven technology company backed by a team of Salesforce-certified administrators, architects, and developers with an impressive number of successful projects under their belt. Our team has always been at the forefront of the Salesforce platform, building solutions of varying scales and complexity.

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