Creating a Digital Sales Channel for a Provider of Gourmet Healthy Meals

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The customer

MunchFit is a UK-based provider of restaurant-quality meals designed to meet specific fitness goals. The service delivers hundreds of thousands of meals annually, employs a team of over 30 people, and operates out of its own bespoke production kitchen in London.
story - Creating a Digital Sales Channel for a Provider of Gourmet Healthy Meals

The need

The sales process at MunchFit was primarily offline. Customers subscribed to meal plans, and delivery was organized through a network of fitness centers.

Partnering with Brimit, MunchFit aimed to digitize the sales process by developing a new website and connecting it to the essential systems for processing orders, synching them with food production, organizing delivery, and managing customer service and accounting.

The solution

Brimit implemented a website that provided the right choice of meal plans based on customers’ fitness goals, with an easy way to subscribe. The website featured an integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud that made it possible for MunchFit to manage most of its business processes on a single platform using the Salesforce Lightning Experience. This enabled MunchFit to:
  • manage meal plan subscriptions and customer profiles
  • receive and process orders
  • send orders to kitchen management software, where MunchFit keeps meal plans and recipes and plans daily production volumes
  • schedule and manage deliveries
  • exchange data with Xero, MunchFit’s accounting and invoicing system
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The results

Brimit helped MunchFit to digitally transform its business by creating a seamless customer journey—from subscribing to a meal plan to its delivery. This significantly improved customer experience and positively influenced the company’s brand value.

For MunchFit’s employees, the new website and platform resulted in a new transparent sales channel and an efficient tool for managing company processes. Integrations with a number of systems provided a single view of customer profiles from within Salesforce, truly transforming MunchFit’s relationship with its clients.

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