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Brimit helps content-driven organizations use Sitecore Content Hub to plan and execute their content strategy

Use Sitecore Content Hub to take control of your content and drive business value

Content Hub enables Sitecore users to manage digital assets, media, product data, and the entire content lifecycle in one place. It features AI-powered content tagging and image recognition and integrates seamlessly with Sitecore content management and commerce solutions.

Store and manage digital assets with ease

Consolidate and systematize layouts, video files, photos, documents, graphics, and complex metadata. Use Content Hub to handle elaborate digital asset management scenarios, including complex metadata, security, and digital rights management.

Plan and execute your content strategy
With Content Marketing Platform, you can easily plan what content needs to be created, assign resources, and then discuss, review, and approve the content for publication across different channels.
Deliver content consistently across any channel
Make your content available for audiences that use various apps and channels. Adapt content for storefronts, websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices so that no one is left out.
Control and update product-related content in real time
Create a single source of truth for adding product data and features and enriching it automatically. Standardize how data is presented across digital sales channels, including e-commerce websites, print catalogs, and ERP systems.
Synchronize the efforts of your marketing team
The Marketing Resource Management platform—an integral part of Sitecore Content Hub—allows teams to plan, schedule, and organize campaigns and content production more effectively by getting everyone on the same page through visibility and collaboration across the entire content workflow.
Personalize graphics content for printing or digital delivery
Create personalized print collateral for your customers featuring customizable templates accessible right from a browser.

Plan, integrate, and fine-tune Content Hub

Brimit helps content-driven organizations set up Sitecore Content Hub and integrate it with digital experience and commerce platforms.

Strategy and planning

We'll analyze your current system and business needs and create a digital strategy for implementing Sitecore Content Hub that is painless and cost-effective.


Brimit’s experts will implement Content Hub and create a future-proof, scalable, and secure system that executes your digital strategy.

Migrating content to Content Hub

We’ll help you pave the way to modern content management with a well-planned and carefully executed migration process.

Building content flows

We’ll define and help you set up the most efficient workflow for content based on your internal processes and organizational structure.


We’ll integrate Content Hub with other Sitecore products, which will allow you to manage, transcode, distribute, and repurpose media files without leaving Sitecore.

Incorporate Content Hub into other complex digital platforms

Here are some Sitecore products that extend or complement Content Hub to enhance customer experience. Content Hub integrates seamlessly with all of them.


Experience Edge for Content Hub
Sitecore Experience Edge is a set of services for delivering headless content. It integrates smoothly with Sitecore Content Hub and makes content stored there available for use by any application on any digital channel.



Sitecore OrderCloud is the obvious choice for businesses that need a future-proof, scalable, secure, experience-led commerce product.

Commerce businesses that use OrderCloud to manage constantly changing product content need Content Hub to ensure consistency across catalogs, storefronts, and other digital resources.


Sitecore Experience Platform
Sitecore XP is essential for businesses looking to create narrative- and experience-led customer journeys. Coupling Content Hub with Sitecore XP lets content editors work with content created in Content Hub without leaving Sitecore. They can browse, search for, and insert digital assets from the DAM platform directly from within Sitecore’s Content and Experience Editor.

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