Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud for a Leading Car Manufacturer

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The customer

The customer, a leading car manufacturer, was trying to enter the European market. The company needed a full-fledged system for online sales to enable their clients to buy a car with just a few clicks—from selecting features and scheduling a test drive, to submitting a loan application, signing a contract, paying for the car, etc.

To ensure these options, the manufacturer needed several systems to be created from scratch and integrated with each other:

  • a website
  • an enterprise resource planning system
  • a system for the company’s marketers on Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • a system for the company’s sales team
  • a system for the company’s customer service team on Salesforce Service Cloud
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Implementing a System for the Sales Team

To create the necessary infrastructure, the customer hired several teams, each of which was responsible for developing a separate system. Brimit’s job was to create the system for the sales team in Salesforce Sales Cloud and integrate it with the rest of the company’s key software.

Brimit’s work included tasks in several areas:

Consolidating customer data
Brimit configured Sales Cloud to create an environment where the customer could store information on their orders, clients, and contracts. This system provided the sales team with quick and timely access to records and updates.

Integrating Sales Cloud with software from the corporate suite
We integrated Sales Cloud with the company’s website, the ERP system, the customer service system, and the marketing system, which had been created by the other teams. It gave the customer all the data they needed data to prepare relevant sales and marketing offers for their clients.

Integrating Sales Cloud with banking systems
Our team integrated Sales Cloud with the systems of several European banks, allowing clients to apply for a loan and then check the application status on their website.

Automating contract drafting in several languages
Brimit’s engineers made it possible for the customer to generate contract templates in several European languages so that the templates comply with legislation in the corresponding countries. The contracts can be sent for signing and then stored in Salesforce.

In the end, the customer got an automated system for sales that is based on Salesforce and allows them to provide a full range of services for individuals and legal entities in Europe. 

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