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The customer

Based in Belgium, Van Havermaet provides consulting, audits, and other professional services in the areas of accounting, taxation, mergers and acquisitions, and labor legislation.

The need

With thousands of customers in Belgium and across Europe, the existing communication procedure generated enormous arrays of data, which needed to be optimized.

Communication between employees, as well as the associated document flow, took place via e-mail and file-sharing services, causing plenty of inconveniences and compromising data security.

In this regard, Van Havermaet aspired to provide its employees and customers with a collaborative workspace for exchanging information as well as sharing and managing documents.

Partnering with Brimit, the customer wanted to enable employees and clients to manage documents in a manner that was collaborative, transparent, and secure. In addition, Van Havermaet needed a document processing system that would digitize and optimize the KYC procedure, which was mostly paper-based and carried out primarily offline.

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The solution

Microsoft Office 365 was chosen as the core of the new system. This platform can easily provide business owners with a bundle of essential tools for its employees and customers to use daily in a unified environment. The multiple functions of Microsoft Office 365 might seem excessive for new users of the platform. To avoid confusion, Brimit delivered a client-facing web application that does not require profound knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 and allows Van Havermaet to use only the functionality that addresses the immediate needs of employees and clients.

Improved the KYC procedure
Brimit’s team delivered a sophisticated customer acceptance module that enables Van Havermaet’s employees to conduct KYC by assessing a client’s credibility and estimating risks of engagement with a particular client.

Enabled control over documentation
Brimit made it possible for employees to control every step of the documentation life cycle:

  • create and upload documents

  • collaborate on documents (between employees or an employee and a client)

  • automatically extract data from documents for further processing (an integration with an invoice-processing solution that allows images to be converted into PDF documents)

  • retain documents and track versions

A unified dashboard and a calendar
Brimit enabled both Van Havermaet and its customers’ employees to see active tasks and the number of documents to process, as well as collaborate on documentation, in a single dashboard. This made it possible to monitor every aspect of the documentation process, including what modifications were made and who made them.

Brimit also designed a calendar employees can use to create tasks for customer accounts, as well as promotional events to which they can invite existing or potential customers.

An efficient, collaborative workspace for employees and customers
Now, Van Havermaet's clients have a collaborative space for sharing information with their employees in a transparent yet secure manner. The system is capable of handling documents and communication for 50,000 customer accounts. The clients get a unified view of all the accounting documentation, as well as any other related information, in a single dashboard. To enforce security, Brimit made it possible to control access by means of predefined document storage structure and security roles. At the same time, clients are able to invite third-party organizations or individuals (e.g., auditors, tax advisors, etc.) to collaborate on the documentation.

The portal Brimit delivered allows for viewing and tracking the company’s related tasks and events in Outlook, as well as for advanced search capabilities, all thanks to SharePoint.

Finally, it is possible to use a mobile bank application for simplified payment via QR code.

Technology stack: Microsoft Azure, C#, TypeScript, .NET Framework, SharePoint, ReactJS, MS SQL Serve

"I was impressed with their ability to think along with us. We’re not the easiest client to deal with, and we don’t ask for obvious things, but Brimit is willing to go beyond their skill, study new things, and try to give the right advice. It’s impressive what they can do.

Benny Westaedt-CIO, Van HavermaetBenny Westaedt, Chief Information Officer - Van Havermaet


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