Microsoft 365 migration

Migrate to Microsoft 365 Smoothly Without Downtime or Data Losses

Brimit’s Microsoft 365 migration services will help you pave the way to a modern digital workplace with a well-planned and carefully executed migration process

Migrating to Microsoft 365 can be challenging, but the effort pays off

We support your decision to choose Microsoft 365 as your next digital workplace. Microsoft 365—specifically, its core products, SharePoint and Teams—will enable you to rethink productivity, equip your organization with an array of modern tools, and offer support with product updates.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 takes time; it is complex and requires thorough preparation. The effort pays off when an organization is able to both eliminate the constraints of its current system and create new opportunities for growth.

Brimit has the necessary tools and experience to perform a migration to Microsoft 365 of any scale.

Our approach to Microsoft 365 migration

1. Developing a digital strategy

We analyze customers’ business needs and offer ways to address them. We work with customers to come up with a digital strategy that leverages the latest technologies in software development. We consider the changes in workflows, project management, and organizational structure that may affect information flow.

2. Assessing the existing data environment

We create an inventory of customers’ current infrastructure—including sites, lists, libraries, pages, content types, and file versions.

We analyze current branding and any custom solutions already in place.

We analyze and take note of retention policies, user groups, users, and permissions: A customer’s existing system needs to be backed up.

3. Redesigning information architecture

If the existing environment is disorganized, we clean it up in order to make the migration as smooth as possible. Our customers and Brimit restructure and organize site collections, content types, templates, lists, libraries, user groups, and permissions.

4. Preparing the destination environment

We carefully set up the destination environment to match the new information architecture. To do this, we optimize server performance, configure web applications, set up restore processes, map content metadata, and implement URL changes. This phase ends with a test migration.

5. Executing the migration

The changeover process won’t be a problem if the previous phase was completed successfully. 

During this phase, we stop the customer’s current workflows, back up their system, and import data and files to the new system. Once this is done, we launch the necessary services, configure user profiles, and begin testing.

6. Testing and going live

After the migration, we ensure that all data and files were migrated accurately and that all features—including past customizations—work as planned. We test permissions and workflows, the user interface, integration with third-party apps, search functions, and the overall performance.

About Brimit’s Microsoft 365 experts

With its passion for customer satisfaction, Brimit has been helping organizations transform their operations using Microsoft products since 2011. Our team can guide you through the rapidly evolving Microsoft ecosystem so that you can stay aware of the most recent innovations and enhancements. Brimit is a certified Microsoft partner, and we are happy to share all our knowledge to implement your ideas and support you on your way to digital transformation.

What partnership with Microsoft means for us and for our customers

The Microsoft Partner Network is built with a simple goal in mind: to do more for Microsoft customers. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Brimit receives access to the latest innovations in Microsoft products, services, and knowledge. This empowers us to deliver solutions that can address any customer scenario.


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