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Microsoft 365 integration services for Microsoft platform users and independent software vendors

Connect products from the Microsoft 365 suite with vital systems and simplify your daily routine

If your company uses the Microsoft 365 platform, connecting its products with vital systems will create endless possibilities for simplifying your daily routine and streamlining your operations.

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams provides a place for team members to collaborate, work, and learn. We can extend the functions of Teams and connect your employees to a wealth of other applications and services, helping your team members work better together.

Teams can be integrated with apps from the Microsoft 365 suite or third-party apps and extended with a variety of custom functions:

  • Search for content in third-party apps and share it in chats

  • Connect to external data and apps and display them in the Teams tabs

  • Employ bots for routine operations

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SharePoint integration

Microsoft SharePoint can be integrated with various systems and solutions regardless of who their providers are. Since it is itself a Microsoft 365 product, the two are already strongly interconnected. However, it is possible to connect SharePoint with other Microsoft 365 products when SharePoint’s core functionality is not enough for realizing a specific business scenario.

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Outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook can be connected to web applications that improve the experience of users whose roles involve working on two or more systems. The connectors interact with third-party applications, embed interactive visualization, exchange and validate data, perform calculations, help automate repetitive tasks within a document, etc.

Integrating Outlook with third-party apps enables users to automate and expedite multiple routine operations, including:

  • Tracking and logging emails in a third-party system
  • Obtaining additional information about senders and recipients of emails from CRM or ERP systems
  • Composing emails using predefined templates
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Dynamics 365 CRM integration

If Dynamics 365 doesn’t have what you’re looking for—for marketing, business intelligence, finance, project management, document management, or other needs—you may want to connect your Dynamics 365 to systems specific to your organization’s business processes.

Dynamics 365 offers top-notch capabilities to integrate with the software from the Microsoft 365 suite or third-party software and extend the functions of your CRM. Dynamics 365 CRM integration will help your sales and marketing teams automate repetitive tasks, improve the quality of stored data, make use of marketing automation and data analysis, optimize document management, and streamline other vital operations.

Integrate your software product with Microsoft 365 apps

If you are a software provider, consider extending your product with a connector for one or more Microsoft 365 products, such as SharePoint or Teams.

Microsoft 365 offers a leading digital workplace solution with millions of users.

Integrating your product with Microsoft 365 apps will help you to extend the functions of your product, expand your customer base by reaching out to existing Microsoft 365 users, and spread the word about your product.

Brimit has the necessary experience and tools to carry out a Microsoft 365 integration project of any scale

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform brings together products that create connectivity between Microsoft 365 apps. You’ll be able to analyze data, automate workflows, and build new experiences around data and processes within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

Brimit will help you use the powerful tools offered by Power Platform to automate business processes and get the most out of your data.

Custom integrations

Connecting software from your "daily" corporate suite is key for ensuring that it will provide your business with tangible results. 

Brimit has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create a custom integration plan, and implement it properly.

Brimit’s integration delivery process

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With its passion for customer satisfaction, Brimit has been helping organizations transform their operations using Microsoft products since 2011. Our team can guide you through the rapidly evolving Microsoft ecosystem so that you can stay aware of the most recent innovations and enhancements. Brimit is a certified Microsoft partner, and we are happy to share all our knowledge to implement your ideas and support you on your way to digital transformation.

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The Microsoft Partner Network is built with a simple goal in mind: to do more for Microsoft customers. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Brimit receives access to the latest innovations in Microsoft products, services, and knowledge. This empowers us to deliver solutions that can address any customer scenario.

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