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Automate Routine Business Processes or Gain a Competitive Advantage

SharePoint integration services for SharePoint users and independent software vendors

Connecting SharePoint with vital systems creates endless possibilities for simplifying your employees’ daily routine and streamlining your operations:

Amplify SharePoint to automate routine operations, facilitate collaboration, connect with customers and partners, and much more

If your organization uses SharePoint, connecting it with vital systems will create endless possibilities for simplifying your daily routine and streamlining your operations.

Speed up document creation, avoid mistakes

Insert CRM data into document templates and improve the speed and accuracy of creating documents such as contract agreements and proposals. Use SharePoint as a document store for sales and marketing activities.

Integration with CRMs


Keep track of your organization's documents

Let your partners or customers upload invoices, delivery slips, and receipts to SharePoint, where they will be automatically recognized, parsed, and then uploaded to the correct folders of an ERP system.

Integration with ERPs

Help your employees do the “boring” stuff quicker

SharePoint will extend your enterprise and human resource planning systems. Your employees will be able to update personal information, conduct performance reviews, view and book annual leave, or view a payslip on the intranet.

Integration with HR systems

Store, manage, and publish your digital assets with ease

Integrating a digital asset management system into SharePoint helps you manage and distribute all media files directly from within SharePoint. This type of integration can save users countless hours of extra work.

Integration with DAMs

Let team members stay in SharePoint and work with project tasks

Team members will be able to stay in SharePoint, find their tasks, provide status updates, log hours, and much more.

Integration with project management systems

Facilitate employee self-service

Enable employees to create support tickets quickly with pre-populated information on forms and track progress on support tickets without leaving SharePoint. Moreover, let IT specialists create manuals and facilitate a user self-service approach.

Integration with IT helpdesks

Integrate your software product with SharePoint

If you are a software vendor, adding a SharePoint integration feature to your product may become one of your greatest competitive advantages.

Dozens of software vendors have already integrated with SharePoint. They offer digital asset management systems, financial apps, and more.

Integrating your product with SharePoint will help you to extend the functions of your product, expand your customer base by connecting with the thousands of companies that already use SharePoint, and spread the word about your product.

Custom integrations

Tools we use

Brimit has the necessary experience and tools to carry out an integration project of any scale

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a business application platform for rapid application development, data analytics, and business process automation.

In particular, we use Power Automate and Power Apps. Power Automate is a tool that helps businesses create automated workflows, migrate business data, automate tasks on employees’ local computers, and set up automatic reminders and notifications about past-due tasks.

Power Apps is a toolset that allows users to quickly build a custom business app and connect it to various data sources.

Custom integrations

Connecting software from your "daily" corporate suite is a key variable for ensuring that it will provide your business with tangible results. 

Brimit has the experience necessary to analyze your current software, create a custom integration plan, and implement it properly.

Brimit’s integration delivery process

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