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Customize or integrate Microsoft Teams, turning it into a sophisticated hub for all of your team's collaborative needs

Microsoft Teams provides a place for team members to collaborate, work, and learn. We can extend the functions of Teams and connect your employees to a wealth of other applications and services to help your team members work better together.

Teams can be extended in a variety of ways

Searching for content in third-party apps and sharing it in chats

Do you want to remind your team of what was in a customer’s support request? If there’s an app for that, you can choose a custom app icon in the Teams chat, search for the necessary support ticket stored in a third-party system, and post its contents right in the chat.

Custom apps will extend the functionality of chats and serve as a shortcut for finding external content and sharing it in Teams. Custom apps can be connected to a variety of data sources such as your on-premises and online applications from the Microsoft 365 suite or third-party systems.

Messaging extensions

Browsing external data in the Teams tabs

Get information more conveniently by adding a tab in Teams where you can provide a full-screen user experience for static and dynamic content. The tabs can display content loaded from third-party applications or resources. There are hundreds of connectors available in the app catalog for connecting well-known apps and services and displaying them in tabs. Other apps from the corporate suite can be displayed in the Teams tabs as well after adjusting them for use in Teams. This task will include testing how our tabs function on both the Android and iOS Teams apps.

As with the messaging extensions, tabs can display content from a variety of sources, such as applications from the Microsoft 365 suite or third-party systems.

Tab extensions

Employing bots for routine operations

Your conversation with colleagues may require you to generate an invoice in an ERP or contact the help desk. A bot can run these and other kinds of simple and repetitive automated tasks by asking the user a series of easy-to-answer questions. A bot will gather all the important information, store it properly, and create the necessary item. You can communicate with bots using natural and understandable language.

Bots extensions

Enhancing the meeting experience

You can use apps to improve the meeting experience of your team before, during, and after a meeting. With these apps, your team members can create notes and action items, transcribe meeting minutes, bring information about sales and marketing directly into meetings, help HR interview and follow up on candidates, and perform many other important tasks. As in the Teams chats and tabs, you can install meeting apps from a catalog or create a custom one.

Apps for Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams consultancy services from Brimit

A consultation will help you understand how to fully integrate Teams into your work environment by enabling out-of-the-box apps and plug-ins and implementing custom apps, connectors, and bots.

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