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How we deliver e-commerce software

1. Discovery and strategy 

  • We analyze your business needs and offer ways of addressing them.
  • We work with customers to come up with a digital strategy that leverages the latest technologies in software development.

2. Proof of concept and prototyping

  • We build a POC to determine whether a software idea can actually be built and whether it is likely to be adopted by its intended users.
  • We use rapid prototyping to test ideas in the real world. Our prototyping processes are user-centered, highly visual, and collaborative.

3. E-commerce platform implementation

  • We develop an e-commerce solution that connects all digital and physical customer touchpoints into a single platform. The platform offers comprehensive e-commerce features that every business needs tailored to meet specific company requirements.

4. Integration with third-party systems

  • We connect the e-commerce platform with vital tools: ERPs, CRMs, fraud detection systems, sales lead tracking systems, custom search engines, digital asset and order management systems, etc. This in turn boosts your sales and provides greater learning and insight.

5. Marketing automation and personalization

  • After developing a digital strategy, we connect marketing tools to help you boost your sales and gain better insights into customer preferences.
  • We enable personalization and marketing automation.
  • We connect CRMs to give you a 360° view of your leads.

6. Training on content management and marketing

  • Our consultants teach your team how to use the products effectively and provide training on content management and marketing strategy to help you maximize the potential of the technologies available.
  • The training can be done either remotely or on-site.

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Our tools for building high-performance e-commerce software solutions

Sitecore Experience Commerce
Enables companies to fully personalize the end-to-end shopping experience—before, during, and after the transaction.
Allows companies to create and manage large amounts of content and collect valuable customer data for marketing automation.

Sitecore OrderCloud
Sitecore OrderCloud is a headless cloud-based platform that enables various types of businesses to create customizable e-commerce, marketplace, and order management applications.
Salesforce_commerce cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an AI-powered e-commerce platform. AI helps to improve the accuracy of predictive product suggestions and provides valuable insights into the customer journey. Commerce Cloud integrates seamlessly with the rest of Salesforce's multiple marketing and sales tools.
Integration with OMS

Order Management Systems (OMS) is an essential e-commerce tool that helps accept orders and payments, route and track the orders, update inventory, give order details to warehouses or 3PL providers, and forecast stock levels.

Integration with translation engines

Translation engines are an integral part of a proper multi-language website.

Integration with search engines

Search engines improve the user experience of a website containing thousands of products.

Azure Search

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