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Umbraco CMS

Brimit follows the trend towards Open Source and offers both commercial and open source solutions. Umbraco is one of the leading .NET Open Source CMS's where Brimit has countless expertise.

We Love Umbraco & its Community+

As a part of the Umbraco Community (Our Umbraco), our team benefits from Community Knowledge Base, Shared Modules and Best Practices as well as latest Community discussions on new Umbraco challenges.

Brimit Umbraco Team

Having over 4 years of Umbraco development experience, we can easily develop custom Umbraco solutions, adopt for eCommerce, customise Umbraco backend and integrate with third party tools and services.

Our Team will be glad to help you with:

  • Implementation of the new Umbraco website.
  • Maintenance & redesign of the existing websites.
  • Upgrade from Umbraco 3.x/4.x to 6.x/7.x.
  • Building Umbraco modules & extensions.
  • Adopting uCommerce solution.

Members of our team have experience in Umbraco solutions development and outsourcing services. We have successfully delivered solutions for clients all over the world. The majority of the projects were implemented for Russia, Denmark, Sweden and UK.

You need to hire Umbraco developer or wish to get more information about our team and our Umbraco expertise? Please contact us. We strongly suggest you to involve our team in the very beginning of your project. Using our experience and rich technical background, we can help you to determine potential project risks and bottlenecks, suggest solutions and implement a proof of concept.