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Software integrations for extending your toolset

A CMS sends data to CRM systems to automate sales processes. CRM sends data to CMS for content personalization to fine-tune marketing efforts. 
A DAM system can locate and organize millions of files. Integrating a DAM system into a CMS can save users countless hours of extra work.
Content collaboration tool
CMS tools are good at creating content, but not always at co-authoring and managing it in real time. Let your editorial team focus on content creation, not operational admin.
Order management system
Extend the e-commerce capabilities of a CMS. Connecting an OMS will allow you to capture, track, and fill orders across multiple sales channels.
Custom search engine
A custom search engine improves the relevance of search results by taking into account the semantics of site content. This feature also increases search response speed.
Your ERP will become the sole source of your data (images, products, categories, articles, etc.). Orders and leads are automatically sent to ERP.

Tools we use to connect previously separate systems

Office Add-ins

Microsoft Office Add-ins connect valuable content and features and incorporate external data and third-party functionality into Microsoft 365.
Brimit can help you extend the capability, functionality, and features of Microsoft 365.

Custom integrations

Connecting the software from your "daily" corporate suite is a key variable for ensuring that your software will provide your business with tangible results. Brimit has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create an integration plan, and implement it properly.

Brimit’s Experience Add-in for Sitecore and CRMs

Brimit developed an add-in that seamlessly connects Sitecore with Salesforce and Dynamics 365. It enables marketing, sales, service, and support teams to get real-time insights and manage the Sitecore contact experience profile in their CRM, thereby increasing efficiency and maturing the overall customer experience.

More about Sitecore integration with CRMs

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