Dive into Sitecore CDP - How to use AI connections (Web experience with Azure Cognitive Services)

Sergey Baranov on November 6, 2021

There are 3 types of connections in Sitecore CDP:

  1. Data System - can be used in Decision models as external source of data.
  2. AI - can be used in Decision models as a logic block that performs any calculations on external service side.
  3. Destination - can be used in Full stack experiences to send data to external services.

Sitecore CDP - Connection types

In this article I`ll show how to create AI connection to Azure Cognitive Face API service and use it decision modeling to provide personalized offers to customers.

For my demo I`ll use customer photo to predict his age and gender and provide personalized offer based on this information.

If you don`t have Azure account, scroll to the bottom of the article where I share links to my own Face API implementation that you can use instead of Azure Face API.


How to get access to Azure Face APIs?

You need to login to your Azure account, find Face APIs in Azure services and create new one:

Sitecore CDP AI - Azure Face API

Free Face APIs service has some limitations like 20 requests per minute, so try to make requests in reasonable places (user uploads/changes photo):

Sitecore CDP AI - Azure limits


When Face APIs service is created, navigate to Keys and Endpoint settings and copy one of the keys:

Sitecore CDP AI - Face API keys


How to setup AI connection in Sitecore CDP?

Login to your Sitecore CDP application account, Connections -> Add Connection-> AI. Enter Name and Description of your connection, choose None on Athentification tab and configure request parameters:

  • Method: POST
  • URI: copy url
  • Add header: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: your_Azure_KEY1_or_KEY2
  • Request:
      "url": "${url}"

${url} variable will be subsctituted in Decision model with url of user photo. For URI endpoint chose closest one for your location from Face API documentation.

Sitecore CDP AI - Azure Face API request configuration


Click Test Now button, insert any url with person photo and click Run Test button. If connection is OK, you will see response from Azure:

  "response": {
    "body": {
      "result": [
          "faceId": "65d8afbb-96ab-477c-8100-a61a3c54235c",
          "faceRectangle": {
            "top": 100,
            "left": 140,
            "width": 196,
            "height": 196
          "faceAttributes": {
            "gender": "female",
            "age": 23


Once connection is ready, it is time to modeling. Create new Decision model and populate it with blocks like this (MS Face API block is our created AI connection):

Sitecore CDP AI - Decision model

For my demo I store customer photo in profile extended properties (see this article if you don`t know how to do it).

In Extract photo block I extract user photo url from profile extented properties and pass it to recently created MS Face API connection:

(function () {
 for (var i = 0; i < guest.dataExtensions.length; i++) {
	 if (guest.dataExtensions[i].key === 'logo' ) {
		 var photo = guest.dataExtensions[i].values;
		 return photo.url;

 throw new Error('Stop execution');

Output for this block is: url - string.

Sitecore CDP AI - Extract user photo

In Artificial Intelligence block I just set url parameter from previous block as an input:

Sitecore CDP AI - Artificial Intellicense

In Parse AI result block I parse AI response and provide output data in format {age: 0, gender: 'male'} to decision block:

Sitecore CDP AI - Parse AI results


Before continue with decision we need to create Offers for our future experience. Navigate to Library -> Offer Templates and create new one:

I will use this attributes to substitute offer values in my web experience (corner popup window).

Next, navigate to Decisioning -> Offers and create offers based on your offer template (as much as you need). In my example I create 2 offers: one for women with age in range 25-35, the second one for retiree customers. Example of offer:

Sitecore CDP AI - Offer

When offers are ready it is time to come back to our decision model and configure last Suggest Offer block:

Sitecore CDP AI - Decision model block

Column settings:

Age. Format: Expression, Column Input: result.age, Type: integer.

Gender. Format: Expression, Column Input: result.gender, Type: string.

OfferFormat: Offer, Choose Offer Template: your recently created offer template.

Configure rules logic that your need for your offers.

Decision model is ready and you can test it with Test Canvas tool:

Sitecore CDP AI - Test decision model

The last thing to do is create Web experience. Navigate to Experiences -> Web and create new one. In Decisioning section link to created decision model and setup other sections how you need. In Content section choose predefined template "Corner Popup" and replace Image URL, Title, Description, CTA destination URL parameters with offer template variables:

Sitecore CDp AI - Web experience configuration

Go to "Advanced Edit" and configure variables:

API tab (Freemarker):

<#if (offers)??>
  "decisionOffers": ${toJSON(offers)},

HTML tab:

    <div class="img-container">
        <div class="img-container__image" style='background-image: url("{{imageUrl}}");'></div>
    <div class="bx-transition-card__body">
        <h3>[[Title | string | {{title}} | {required:true, group: Title, order: 1}]]</h3>
        <p>[[Description | text | {{description}} | {required:true, group: Description, order: 1}]]</p>
        <div class="options-container">
            <a id="bx-transition-card--secondary" class="options-container__secondary">[[Dismiss Text | string | No Thanks | {required:true, group: Secondary Button, order: 1}]]</a>
            <a id="bx-transition-card--primary" class="options-container__primary" href="{{linkUrl}}">[[CTA Text | string | Yes Please | {required:true, group: CTA Button, order: 1}]]</a>


Demo is ready! Start Web experience, login to website and populate guest photo - you will see personalized offer if user matched decision criteria:

Sitecore CDP AI - Demo

If you don`t see popup-offer you can debug your experience. Click on Preview button and populate inputs with your demo page and context user:

Sitecore CDP AI - Debug

In QA Tool you will see detailed response with validators and it can be useful for troubleshooting:

Sitecore CDP AI - Demo


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