Dive into Sitecore CDP - Introduction

Sergey Baranov on September 26, 2021

I hope, all of you heard that Sitecore recently acquired Boxever or how it is called now - Sitecore Customer Data Platform.

This is a marketer-focused digital optimization solution that is a big step forward in Sitecore’s move to SaaS (Software as a service modeling).

This is new in the Sitecore space and some important keypoints of Sitecore CDP can be not so clear for you, because some of them don`t have public implemented examples.

In this series of articles, I will share my experience with CPD and try to cover all main parts of this platform.


How to start working with it, if you don`t have experience?

First of all, Sitecore provides interactive training course that is free of charge, and this is a good point to start. Also, after completing this training course, you can pass Boxever End User certification:


Where to find documentation?

User documentation:
Sitecore knowledge Hub
Sitecore docs


Developer documentation:
Sitecore Developer portal
Sitecore docs
Boxever API reference


How to get access to Sandbox?

Sitecore provides the Sandbox environment, where you can practice and work.

Sitecore CDP Sandbox
If your organization doesn`t have yet sandbox account, you can get access by completing these three easy steps:


  1. Complete the Boxever training course form Sitecore eLearning portal.
  2. Pass Boxever End User certification and receive a certificate of completion.
  3. Send email to PartnerEnablement@sitecore.com mailbox with your attached certificate (or link) to ask about access to Boxever sandbox environment.

Here goes the table of contents for my Sitecore CDP blog series: