Ensuring Ease of Maintenance and Extending a Microsoft 365–Based Product

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The customer

Based in the USA, Withum is a provider of advisory, accounting, and IT services. The company is included in the Top 25 firms that empower their customers with innovative solutions to address advisory, tax, and accounting needs. The organization is also an independent member of HLB, a global advisory and accounting network.

The problem: Migration to a new technology stack

The company built OneWindow Workplace as a hosted solution that brings together the components of the powerful Microsoft 365 platform—such as SharePoint, Yammer, Skype, OneDrive, Groups, Videos, Office Graph, and Planner—in a single digital window. The system allows users to tailor a standard Microsoft 365 deployment to any organization's needs while reducing the cost and complexity of adopting it. However, due to the maturation of SharePoint’s intranet capabilities the decision was made to migrate OneWindow to the “modern” embedded SharePoint Framework (SPFx). This was designed to further simplify maintenance and extend functionality, making OneWindow Workplace more integrated with Microsoft's platform.

Partnering with Brimit, Withum sought assistance in migrating the OneWindow Workplace to SPFx, React and Azure delivering a set of turn-key web components.

How Brimit helped

In the course of the project, Brimit’s team applied its extensive experience in customizing Microsoft 365. In close cooperation with Withum, we aligned the existing solution’s architecture with a new technology stack and SharePoint’s Modern UI capabilities. Brimit helped to improve the overall quality of the product and optimize the delivery process. Addressing a variety of needs, Brimit delivered а number of components that allowed for:

  • improving news creation, distribution, and targeting
  • navigating a customer’s website
  • searching for employees across the organization
  • discovering content, policies, and forms
  • tracking and monitoring intranet usage

Finally, Brimit developed a module that helped OneWindow Workplace’s users to optimize website governance. This module enables a company employee to create a microsite on the intranet by choosing from a variety of templates for particular departments (e.g., finance, marketing, HR, etc.). Unlike the default functionality available in Microsoft 365, these templates allow a department to automatically create a website structure with all the necessary documentation specific to the department. The layout of the newly created website will also comply with the corporate style.

"I arrived new to OneWindow, with Brimit already working as a unified team to migrate the solution to SPFx. Throughout my time working with them, each developer and tester treated the solution as their own, ensuring they were aware of the context of each new development choice and took ownership of their roles within the development and maintenance. Also, it was easy working with Brimit management as needs changed throughout the project.

Adam Levithan, Senior Manager - Product Management

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