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SharePoint development services for improving your business processes

SharePoint has best-in-class document storage and collaboration capabilities.

However, many organizations may opt to go beyond the core functionality by adapting SharePoint to previously established processes or transforming their business processes with customized SharePoint features.

There are many ways to extend SharePoint functions

You can use SharePoint as the foundation for stand-alone apps addressing specific business needs. The platform also provides security and safe data storage. Try creating an automated referral management system, a marketplace, or a portal for partners and customers.

Developing SharePoint-based applications for internal use

If you have to create a new site manually every time you gain a new client or in similar situations, site provisioning will save you time and effort. Automated site creation allows you to build a powerful SharePoint intranet with a set of predefined settings and permissions.

Automating site creation process

You can digitize the KYC procedure, onboarding, or any other process that requires exchanging documented information collaboratively and securely.

Automating business processes

If you decide to phase out your current document management systems, ECM, or file servers in favor of SharePoint, it is important to migrate documents, metadata, and information architecture correctly. These processes can be automated and simplified.

Migrating legacy intranet and data

Go beyond standard formatting and let your site’s design be a communication bridge to your employees and partners. Add custom widgets to display information from other apps located both within and outside the Microsoft suite.

User interface customization

Brimit is a SharePoint development company with dozens of successful projects under its belt

With its passion for customer satisfaction, Brimit has been helping organizations transform their businesses using Microsoft products since 2011. Our team can guide you through the rapidly evolving Microsoft ecosystem so that you can stay aware of the most recent innovations and enhancements. Brimit is a certified Microsoft partner, and we are happy to share all our knowledge to implement your ideas and support you on your way to digital transformation.

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