Four Brimit Team Members Named 2020 Sitecore MVPs

Brimit, a Sitecore Silver Partner, is excited to announce that four of its team members have been named Most Valuable Professionals for 2020 by Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software.

Left to right: Andrei Paliakou, Artsem Prashkovich, Sergey Baranov, Alexei Vershalovich

  • Andrei Paliakou was one of only 19 Commerce MVPs worldwide to be named Sitecore MVP this year
  • Artsem Prashkovich and Sergey Baranov were two of only 154 Technology MVPs 
  • Alexei Vershalovich was one of only 97 Ambassadors

Andrei Paliakou — Sitecore MVP/Lead Developer
Sitecore Commerce MVP 2020

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Artsem Prashkovich — Sitecore MVP/Lead Developer
Sitecore Technology MVP 2020

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Sergey Baranov — Senior Sitecore Developer
Sitecore Technology MVP 2020

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Alexei Vershalovich — Managing Director, Co-founder, and Sitecore consultant
Sitecore Ambassador 2020

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We’re very proud that our effort has been acknowledged and awarded for four consecutive years now. Sitecore has an excellent community of outstanding developers, and it is our honor to be a part of it—learning from the best, as well as contributing our own knowledge.

Brimit is a certified Sitecore Partner that is at the forefront of the platform. We conduct research, do experiments, and innovate, all of which helps us to implement successful solutions for challenging projects.

Brimit is a regular participant in multiple local and global Sitecore events, such as meetups and hackathons, including SUGCON and Sitecore Symposium. It founded and still facilitates Sitecore User Group Belarus, a local community that attracts developers and enthusiasts to the world of Sitecore.

Five Belarusian Sitecore developers were nominated Sitecore MVPs in 2020, and four of them are part of the Brimit team.