"Alexey Vershalovich"

Alexei Vershalovich - Managing Director, Co-founder & Sitecore consultant

Alexei is a Sitecore consultant, team coordinator and a big Sitecore enthusiast working with the platform since 2008. Alexei is a Sitecore Certified Developer and was nominated Sitecore Strategy MVP in 2018 and 2019, and Sitecore Ambassador in 2020.

Power BI Dashboard Sitecore

Real-time Power BI Dashboard from Sitecore xDB

How to pull Sitecore xDB data to Power BI in real time

Posted on 27, November 2019 Read more
Sitecore Virtual Try-on Augmented Reality

Sitecore and augmented reality: connecting the offline and online customer experience with a virtual try-on

Brimit’s Sitecore team developed a virtual try-on for headwear and similar accessories which is based on Sitecore and uses AI-powered computer vision technology

Posted on 1, November 2019 Read more
Custom Sitecore Contact Behaviour Profile conditions

Custom Sitecore Contact Behaviour Profile Conditions

How the custom Sitecore contact behaviour profile conditions work and what data behind each condition is present

Posted on 16, October 2019 Read more
Sitecore Lead qualification automation

Sitecore Lead Qualification Automation

Sitecore Lead Qualification and Automation of MQL to SQL Transition

Posted on 15, June 2019 Read more
marketing automation multiple enrollments

Sitecore 9.1 Marketing Automation - Repeated and concurrent contact enrollments

Sitecore 9.1 Marketing Automation: improved support for repeated and concurrent contact enrollments.

Posted on 17, December 2018 Read more

Brimit’s solution for seamlessly connecting online and offline experience

Brimit's demo product featured a smooth transition of user experience from an e-commerce website to an offline store. We used an eye-catching HyperVSN hologram and Sitecore Message Bus for integration with CRMs.

Posted on 29, October 2018 Read more
Microsoft Outlook Sitecore CRM tool

Introducing Outlook Experience Plugin for Sitecore

Outlook Experience plugin for Sitecore integrates online and offline interactions providing CRM functions

Posted on 22, January 2018 Read more

Sitecore 9: Marketing Automation API - enrolling contacts

Understanding how contacts are enrolled in automation plans in Sitecore 9 with Marketing Automation API

Posted on 26, December 2017 Read more
marketing automation Creating Activity

Sitecore 9: Creating Activity Type backend logic and definition item

Creating Activity Type backend logic and definition item in Sitecore 9

Posted on 22, November 2017 Read more
marketing Automation custom action

Sitecore 9: Custom Marketing Automation Action - introduction

Introduction to Sitecore 9 Custom Marketing Automation Action

Posted on 22, November 2017 Read more

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