Brimit Partners with Algolia

Brimit Partners with Algolia
We are delighted to announce that Brimit has partnered with Algolia—a search-as-a-service API for use cases that require a high-quality and relevant search.

For many reasons, Algolia is Brimit’s search engine of choice when our team creates composable experience-led solutions:

  • It’s cloud-based and headless.
  • It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • It’s fast and returns results in a few milliseconds, even with limited input. 
  • It makes it easier to understand what site visitors want and personalize their search experience. 
  • It predicts customers’ needs and provides them with relevant search results.

Brimit’s Sitecore Solution Architect Daniil Raschupkin shared some approaches to building an effective customer-facing search with Algolia.

Our team has also contributed to the Algolia community by providing several Algolia + Sitecore packaged solutions.

Together, we will provide more tailored and faster search and discovery experiences.