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A High-Fidelity Prototype for Online Banking

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The customer

Dubai Islamic Bank, established in 1975, is one of the largest Islamic banks in the UAE.

DIB offers a wide range of financial services, including conventional cash management, online payments, business financing, and savings services for personal, SME, and corporate accounts.

The bank currently operates 90 branches across the UAE, serves almost 1.7 million users, and continues to expand.


The need

DIB wanted to develop a highly functional and interactive prototype for their online banking services. Their hope was to test the product’s usability before releasing it on the market. Using high-fidelity prototyping, they planned to collect customer feedback on any issues that arose and, as a result, minimize the risks associated with further development. 

The best examples of banking digitalization—used by the biggest names in the industry—had to be included in the prototype.


The solution

Dubai Islamic Bank partnered with Brimit to improve the functionality of its online banking platform. Brimit’s team analyzed the best examples of digital banking and created a high-fidelity prototype that looks and behaves exactly like the actual product. It includes a full-fledged UI and an imitation of real user data.

The features that were implemented in the prototype include:

  • balance check in real-time
  • instant money transfers to other accounts
  • reporting lost and stolen cards
  • a live chat with real-time communication between the client and bank employees
  • the ability to request banking products such as loans, cards, account maintenance, etc.
DIB screen

The result

A high-fidelity prototype helped to minimize errors while DIB was developing its new online banking platform. Interactive prototyping also made it possible to conduct testing on real users. The prototype was subsequently used as a basis for further front-end development. The bank was able to release its final product in a timely manner, thus ensuring a high-quality customer experience.
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