Sales and Marketing Tool Implementation

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How we implement sales and marketing tools

1. Discovery and strategy 

  • We analyze your business needs and offer ways of addressing them.
  • We work with customers to come up with a digital strategy that leverages the latest technologies in software development.

2. Proof of concept and prototyping

  • We build a POC to determine whether a software idea can actually be built and whether it is likely to be adopted by its intended users.
  • We use rapid prototyping to test ideas in the real world. Our prototyping processes are user-centered, highly visual, and collaborative.

3. Sales and marketing tool implementation

  • We apply industry best practices and benchmarks to deliver exceptional quality.
  • We listen carefully to your feedback throughout the implementation process to deliver an efficient toolset that is tailored to your needs.

4. Training on marketing automation and personalization

  • Our consultants share knowledge and best practices with your team to help them get the most out of the new products.
  • We train your team on content management and marketing strategy implementation to maximize the potential of the technologies available.

Tools we use to reinforce your marketing and sales teams

Salesforce_sales cloud
Salesforce Sales Cloud is the #1 sales automation tool that helps your company sell faster and smarter.
Salesforce CPQ is an automation tool that allows you to quickly and precisely create proposals for complex deals and manage recurring revenue.
Salesforce_marketing cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a wide range of web and mobile marketing tools that give your business actionable insights for every action taken by the customer. These tools also enable you to create dynamic web pages with personalized content.
Dynamics 365 combines sales, marketing and customer service software modules. Stay within the Microsoft suite and manage your customer database, generate new leads, engage with customers, and resolve customer service issues.

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