Item search header

Customizing Sitecore Items Search

How to customize Sitecore Items Search for content editors' convenience

Posted on 25, September 2017 Read more
currency convert commerce

Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 Multi Currency Support Setup

How to set up Multiple Currency support in Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 cart

Posted on 4, August 2017 Read more
path analyzer

Path Analyzer Custom Map Type and Ajax Calls Filter

How to setup new Path Analyzer Map Type and filter out ajax calls from Path Analyzer reports

Posted on 31, July 2017 Read more
Sitecore Usergroup minsk

6th Meetup of Sitecore User Group in Belarus Recap

Sitecore User Group in Belarus had 6th Meetup. Check out what was going on there

Posted on 25, July 2017 Read more
Sitecore iot

Sitecore + IoT. part 1.

Making Sitecore module for 'Internet of Things’ concept

Posted on 6, June 2017 Read more
sitecore hackathon winner

Congratulating Sitecore Hackathon 2017 winners!

Birmit Team O161 Wins Sitecore Hackathon 2017 in Habitat Module Category

Posted on 5, May 2017 Read more
sitecore exm settings

Issue with Empty Subject Field in Sitecore Email Experience Manager

How to deal with the Empty Subject Field Issue at Sitecore Email Experience Manager

Posted on 27, April 2017 Read more

Sitecore Project List of Deliverables

What to expect when someone finished a Sitecore project for you.

Posted on 7, April 2017 Read more
renderings module

Recommended Renderings Module

How to effectively manage renderings and sublayouts in Sitecore Editor

Posted on 15, March 2017 Read more
Sitecore Usergroup minsk

What we learned at the 4th meetup of Sitecore User group Belarus

Sitecore User Group in Belarus held 4th Meetup. Check it out

Posted on 22, February 2017 Read more

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