Sitecore Products to Start Using in 2023

Sitecore has announced the launch of three new products. If you currently use the platform or are thinking of adopting it, here’s what I’d like you to think about.

Here are the new offerings:

  • Sitecore Search—an AI-powered tool for personalizing content search, anticipating a visitor’s intention, and providing relevant recommendations. This product is the first Sitecore solution for client-side search and is indispensable for digital experience platforms where many tasks are performed via search.
  • Sitecore Connect—a tool for integrating Sitecore with external non-Sitecore products and sharing data between them. Users will now be able to put together best-of-breed software from different vendors.
  • Sitecore Content Hub ONE—a lightweight CMS that is language-and framework-agnostic. This product looks like a good fit for small businesses that aren’t ready to purchase XM Cloud, Sitecore’s main product.

All the new products are cloud-native, SaaS-based, and sharpened by the composable approach.

Composability is Sitecore’s priority for the future. It should be your priority too, and here’s why:

  • To stop spending resources on platform support and start investing in new campaigns and experiences to meet consumers’ needs
  • To be flexible in choosing a programming language for the front end and access a large pool of dev resources, as it is decoupled from the back end
  • To use non-Sitecore products you like and build any type of integration with other systems that work with the API-first Sitecore DXP
  • To promptly receive ROI, upscale or downscale capabilities when needed, and stay flexible and agile
  • To stop playing catch-up with competitors and become an innovator
  • To anticipate customers’ expectations and build loyalty

It’s time to say goodbye to the reactive approach and start thinking about new steps to take:

  • For existing Sitecore customers—Start considering migration to composable architecture
  • For new Sitecore customers—Select the right product setup for implementing composable architecture

The future is composable. Are you?