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Who uses Image field on Sitecore items? Every Sitecore developer I reckon. It is hard to imagine a Sitecore site where content authors don’t use images. And almost in any solution, there is a case when we need not just an image but a list of images.

OOTB Sitecore provides a number of list fields that can be more or less suitable for various customer needs, unfortunately for content authors, they are just lists of item names, editors have to navigate to each image item to see the image, and even Experience Editor is not very helpful in many use cases.

We decided to improve authors experience with the real multi images field. Basically, it is just a list field but with a nice preview, based on the image picker by Rodrigo Vera

That’s how it looks like:

image picker

With multi images field, you can preview ordered list of image teasers, change order, add and remove images.

Image list

The Sitecore module can be found on Sitecore Market Place Source code:

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Daniil Rashchupkin

Daniil Rashchupkin

Daniil Started working with Sitecore in 2011 with version 6.0. Founded Sitecore user Group in Belarus. Certified Sitecore developer, Sitecore 9 Certified, Coveo for Sitecore Certified Developer, MCP and Sitecore MVP 2017-2018.

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