Extending Carts. A Business Tools Feature of Sitecore Commerce

Andrei Paliakou on December 5, 2018

A few weeks ago I saw the discussion about Carts dashboard in Business Tool in the #commerce thread on Slack. Unfortunately, this kind of feature is missing out of the box. I started investigating how can I implement and make it like an extension for Business Tool. This extension should be something similar to Orders Dashboard. Therefore I decompiled Orders plugin and found there all necessary information.

sitecore commerce business tool

My Sitecore Commerce Business Tool Carts extension contains:

  1. Show all carts, which was created
  2. Cart details page, where you can see all information about cart (Cart lines, Adjustments, Messages and etc.)
  3. Remove cart
  4. Add cart line
  5. Remove cart line
  6. Update cart line quantity

commerce carts list

I think it will be useful for the community. Maybe later Sitecore will provide something similar, but for now, you may find my custom extension useful and save some time.

The source code is available on GitHub: