A Recap of the Third Sitecore User Group Meetup in Belarus

November 25th we’ve had 3rd meetup of Sitecore Community Minsk, Belarus and it has been great. In case you’ve missed the event or it’s live feed on Youtube, we present a short recap of the meetup below.

Rob Habraken, a Technical Manager from Colours and Sitecore MVP, hit the stage first with presentation about Azure Web Apps with Sitecore 8.2 Update 1”. During the speech, Rob explained a number of new features and showed how Sitecore will work on Azure environment and explained deployment aspects. If you’re interested in this speech, we welcome you to join the SUGNL in Netherlands and see Rob in person talking about the updates.

rob meetup 3

Second was Vlad Ziziko, Sitecore Developer from Brimit who had practical experience implementing Sitecore project based on Helix. Vlad shared his experience and challenged community with a number of questions. Presentation was followed by long set of questions and discussion on solutions that are used by the methodology.

vlad meetup 3

The presentation record is available on youtube in Russian language:

Daniil Raschupkin, Lead Sitecore developer from Brimit, was talking on “Data Exchange Framework (DEF). Essential basics and practical usage takeaways”. Daniil has been working on several Sitecore projects this year where Data Exchange Framework was used. He gained practical experience setting up Data Exchange Framework and Dynamics CRM Connector to sync data between Sitecore, GatherContent and Dynamics CRM where a new custom pipeline batch was implemented to pull CRM products. Daniil shared several cases and best practices from real cases and his latest Sitecore experience. A standalone blog post on customizing Dynamics CRM Connector is coming soon.

Daniil meetup3

The presentation is available on Youtube in Russian

And you can find slides on Slideshare in English:

Data Exchange Framework. Essential basics and practical usage takeaways. from Daniil Rashchupkin

Please let us know what you think about the meetups in Belarus, if you have questions or suggestions, contact us directly. We welcome new speakers and attendees and now we’re planning new events for next year. What topics would you like to hear?