b2b companies Belarus

Brimit Recognized as a Top Development Company by Clutch

Brimit is noted as one of the best Development Companies in Belarus

Posted on 27, June 2018 Read more
Sitecore Geo IP Fallback module

Sitecore GeoIP. How it works.

How Sitecore Geo Location works and use of GeoIP Fallback module

Posted on 21, May 2018 Read more
hackathon experience profile editor

Sitecore Experience Profile Editor

Sitecore Hackathon 2018: Edit contact on Experience Profile

Posted on 10, May 2018 Read more
image picker list

Sitecore multi images field

How to improve authors' experience with the real multi images field in Sitecore image picker

Posted on 2, May 2018 Read more
Sitecore 9 update 1 installation

Sitecore 9 update 1 Installation and CM Server Configuration

How to install and configure Sitecore 9 update 1 on CM Server

Posted on 17, April 2018 Read more
interaction channels

How to resolve interaction channel by query string in Sitecore.

How to resolve interaction channel by query string in Sitecore with example of Xamarin app

Posted on 3, April 2018 Read more
Sitecore Usergroup minsk

9th Sitecore User group in Belarus meetup

Headless development with Sitecore JSS and Helix presentation at 9th meetup of Sitecore User group in Belarus

Posted on 28, March 2018 Read more
Sitecore MVPs from Brimit

Alexei Vershalovich, Daniil Raschupkin, Artsem Prashkovich and Andrey Polyakov Win Sitecore “Most Valuable Professional” Award

Elite distinction awarded for exceptional contributions to the Sitecore ecosystem

Posted on 31, January 2018 Read more
Sitecore user group belarus

8th Sitecore User group in Belarus meetup: Sitecore Automated deployment and Machine Learning

Recap on Sitecore meetup 8 in Belarus with presentations on Sitecore commerce, Sitecore Automated deployment and Machine Learning

Posted on 29, January 2018 Read more
Microsoft Outlook Sitecore CRM tool

Introducing Outlook Experience Plugin for Sitecore

Outlook Experience plugin for Sitecore integrates online and offline interactions providing CRM functions

Posted on 22, January 2018 Read more

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