Sitecore Virtual Try-on Augmented Reality

Sitecore and augmented reality: connecting the offline and online customer experience with a virtual try-on

Brimit’s Sitecore team developed a virtual try-on for headwear and similar accessories which is based on Sitecore and uses AI-powered computer vision technology

Posted on 1, November 2019 Read more

How to Run Synchronization Programmatically via a Virtual Pipeline Batch

Get a guide on running synchronization programmatically via a virtual pipeline batch

Posted on 10, October 2019 Read more

Sitecore Commerce 9: Custom Membership Pricing (Part 1)

Learn about the ways to use advanced pricing models in Sitecore Commerce 9

Posted on 4, October 2019 Read more

How to Run a Pipeline Batch Programmatically in Sitecore (a Full Guide)

Get a complete guide on running Pipeline Batch programmatically in Sitecore for data synchronization

Posted on 20, September 2019 Read more

Algolia - a fast full text search for Sitecore

Algolia is a great alternative to built-in search engines. It is fast and effective. Read the installation guide.

Posted on 13, September 2019 Read more

Brimit expands its enterprise platform enablement services by acquiring a Salesforce consultancy

Brimit has gained experience in streamlining sales, marketing, and lead generation processes

Posted on 7, August 2019 Read more

A Guide on Creating Sitecore Host Plugins

Use Sitecore Host as a base for running lightweigh microservice apps

Posted on 31, July 2019 Read more

Enabling virtual reality in Sitecore: a how-to guide on adding 3D content

A Sitecore website can be enriched with 3D content, which can be viewed on a screen or using VR goggles

Posted on 2, July 2019 Read more
Sitecore cortex demo, Configure customers segmentation

Part 7 - Configure customers segmentation, live demo

Sitecore Cortex and Machine Learning: Part 7 - Configure customers segmentation, live demo

Posted on 1, July 2019 Read more

A solution to the Links Database issue in Sitecore 9

Missing references on CD server? Implement a simple, but not obvious solution for the links database issue

Posted on 28, June 2019 Read more

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